Welcome To Divine Journey

Divine Journey is a creation of the heart.

I believe that every woman has a birthright to know herself as the true light she is.  Within her lie the seeds of greatness, of strength and purpose.  She is innately qualified to face and overcome any obstacle in her way.  When we lose sight of that, I believe we are entitled and deserve to have someone to support us and remind us of this reality.  It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to be that person, supporting you through your divine journey.

I am dedicated to the care and support of both individuals and families through the journey of birth and life. With kindness and understanding at the center of my services, I join you from conscious conception, labor and delivery and postpartum care.  You and your birth experience are my first priority. Our minds are a powerful thing.  How we envision something colors and determines our experience of an event.  When we feel supported in our vision, we feel empowered and are able to face circumstances with calmness, ease and openness.  I provide a safe and open setting to work through fears and doubt and questions about the process.  I recognize each person as a unique individual and would be honored to serve as your support throughout your journey.  My 18+ year experience in the healthcare industry has given me the skills, knowledge and understanding to be there for you!

What I specialize in:

-Identifying the root causes for current health issues

-Creating Ayurvedic health and action plans to become the best you!

-Prenatal, birth and lifestyle intuitive coaching

-Explaining the course of labor events and the rational behind recommendations and occurrences

-Progressing labor when things are slow or stalled

-Identifying and influencing mal position of baby during labor

-Establishing a respectful, inclusive, peaceful and collaborative environment in the labor room

-Providing relaxation, lifestyle, meditation and yoga techniques / routines / solutions for various situations during pregnancy and labor

-Providing non-synthetic, non-chemical, viable alternatives for common occurances during pregnancy

-Labor “preparation” massage for those who are late and would like to avoid induction

-Customized Individual Placenta Encapsulation that addresses your specific body and needs

-Capturing labor memories through the visual and written word

 Aside form Labor Support and Bodywork Services, all services can be done long distance.  Contact us if you are interested. 

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