Author: Viji Natarajan B.S., C.A.S.

5 First Trimester Ayurvedic Remedies

  You may have just found out that you are pregnant or are traversing the first trimester. Whether your pregnancy was planned or a surprise blessing, there are so many sudden changes that start to occur during this time.  

Easing Nausea During Pregnancy

Nausea during pregnancy is incredibly common. When the body begins the intricate process of growing a baby, there are a lot of energetic and physical changes that occur.  

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of taking your placenta and converting it into pill form.  Yes, that’s right!  Being a vegetarian all my life, the first time I heard of women ingesting their placenta, I was admittedly surprised.  

Are you a good candidate for a VBAC?

VBAC:  Vaginal Birth After Casearean If you didn’t think it was accessible, think again. If you are someone who desires to try a vaginal delivery after having had a cesarean, it is surely possible.  

Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga is a beautiful science that is very beneficial for all people, especially pregnant mommas!  Yoga helps you breathe, relax and adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy.