What is an Ayurvedic Birth Support Coach?

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Close your eyes and imagine that you have someone who cares about you to hold your hand and support you through the most important and vulnerable time in your life.  Then imagine that you could hold the hand of a coach, who is an expert in birth; someone who could help you navigate through what is “normal” and “not normal” during pregnancy. What if you could get the support of someone who believes in prevention rather than putting out fires, someone who believes that living in harmony with nature gives you better health.  They believe, like you, that getting to the root cause of a problem is better than just covering up a symptom.

Enter the Ayurvedic Birth Support Coach.

The Ayurvedic Birth Support Coach is your guide for learning, navigating,  support, healing and preparation during your pregnancy journey.  Here is only some of what we do:


We can meet with you prior to the birth to:
  • Teach you about pregnancy
  • Teach you about birth
  • Strategize to create a supportive birth team
  • Go over what happens in the hospital
  • Go over what interventions can take place, why they would take place and when they would take place
  • Help you to understand how to strategize for your ideal birth
  • Teach you about Ayurveda
  • Perform a comprehensive Ayurvedic health analysis
  • Helps you to understand the connection between what you are experiencing and the environment in your body
  • Provide you a roadmap/health plan to have a healthy pregnancy, grow and healthy baby and have a smoother birth
  • Identify any potential health issues that you could be susceptible to and try to prevent them using simple, yet elegant and effective Ayurvedic practices
  • Identify any other aspect that would be a hinderance in pregnancy or labor and help you to minimize these
  • Coach you through any troubling symptoms (physical and emotional) that you experience during pregnancy
  • Perform body work to support your body
  • Teach you about lifestyle practices that can affect both baby and mom
During the Labor and Birth, We Can:
  • Help you to know what signs and symptoms are normal
  • Help you to navigate early labor and how to progress things if needed
  • Help to get optimal fetal positioning for a smoother labor and delivery
  • Help you to make decisions on when to go to the hospital
  • Help minimize labor pains using a variety of techniques
  • Support your body using natural oils and tinctures to progress labor
  • Perform Ayurvedic massage using specific herb infused oils that balances the energetics of the body
  • Coach you through breathing and mental exercises
  • Guide you through the pushing phase of labor
After the Birth, We Can:
  • Teach you how to breastfeed and support this journey
  • Help you to troubleshoot any postpartum disturbances
  • Provide you recommendations for food and supplements that minimize complications
  • Provide you with an Ayurvedic healing plan for the postpartum period
  • Provide healing bodywork that supports a mother’s body for recovery and lactation

The birth journey is one of, if not the most, important and influential, experiences you will ever traverse through.  The experience you had during birth affects every aspect of who you are.  From that moment onwards, it affects the relationships that you have with others.  Giving birth profoundly changes your life.  While you are preparing to be a parent, learn the skills and lifestyle practices that will support the health of the entire family.  Ayurveda is the most simple and elegant natural sciences to do this.  Start with pregnancy and continue to create health in your life and in your family’s life.

About the author

Viji Natarajan B.S., C.A.S.As a trained and Certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and a Certified Yoga Teacher, I am committed to helping my clients understand themselves on a deeper level. These two ancient, time honored traditions help us to live healthier, happier and more balanced lives.

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