Meet Angela

Learn how Angela had exactly the type of birth she wanted

“I had heard nothing but negative things about the birthing process.”

The miracle of birth.  A cute, cuddly gorgeous baby.  Sounds of coos and caas.  Most people melt at all of these, but there is also fear associated with getting there.  When you hear war stories, stories of pain and trauma, it can be a scary endeavor to begin even your own birth journey even though the end product is a blessing.  

“I learned that having a doula—someone with knowledge for the birthing process—would be very helpful.

When you feel truly supported and guided, you are able to access the deepest depths of who you are and find your own voice and strength.  When you combine this with knowledge, you feel empowered that you may be able to accomplish, something you never thought possible!


“The more I learned and the more I talked to her the more at ease I began to feel like I could do this.”

“I don’t want any medication AT ALL!  But….I’m scared of pain and don’t’ think I can handle it!” This is what Angela said to me when we met at our first prenatal meeting. Of course, most women are scared of the pain that they hear about and anticipate, but from what Angela shared with me, I was wondering how she was going to do it!  After each subsequent visit and as the pregnancy progressed, she began to feel more and more at ease.  She religiously practiced her hypnosis techniques and believed in herself and the power of her body.

“It became a mission to conquer this pregnancy and make it work for me.”

Angela was even more determined to have the birth she desired for herself.  It was important to her, more than a badge of honor, but of aligning her deepest desires and beliefs with what happens in her life – and especially with the birth of her baby.

“When the time came, and the water broke two weeks early… I couldn’t believe how fast everything went”

I still remember the call at around 1-2am the day that Angela’s labor started. She was adamant that I did not come to her home. In fact, she got very upset and angry with me when I told her that I was coming, despite her asking me not to. I communicated with her partner to get everything ready and helped to prepare her for active labor. My instincts have never failed me and I knew that she needed me, even though she didn’t.  In her family, there were always long labors. But, from the time that I arrived to the time that we had the baby, it was less than an hour and a half.

“I’m so grateful… to have had Viji helping me along the way and not having to worry about having a rookie like my husband trying to be my full support system. I’m so glad I had a professional”

When things happen quickly, we may wonder why help is needed.  In fact, it can feel like driving a race car and it is important to keep calm and grounded.  As labor progressed quickly for Angela, it was especially important to guide her in breathing and focus.  It can be very overwhelming and for both her and her partner, it was.  In fact, they may have wanted a few seconds more to catch up with it all!  Angela’s birth was beautiful and exactly what she wanted!


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