Meet Laxmi

Learn how having a birth coach can help you overcome obstacles to the birth you want

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I was a little scared about delivering at a hospital.” -Laxmi

Laxmi was one of the first of many future clients who would hire me very early in her pregnancy.  At around 7 weeks pregnant, I met both her and her husband and it really was an instant connection.  I learned very quickly that she was very clear in her pregnancy and birth plan, but all the critical components to get there were not in place.  


“I knew I needed to do something, I just didn’t know what.”

One by one, hospital, doctor, exercises, routines and information were lined up.  It was important that the foundation was set up to support Laxmi.  We had to be ready for whatever could potentially come our way.  Meeting with Laxmi and Mehul several times, I was able to determine what it was that they needed.  What was unique and necessary for her may not have been desired by another mom, but that was the process of providing customized care.

Almost 2 weeks before her due date, Laxmi’s body decided that it would be time to meet her baby boy.  Despite all the odds, our team of doctor, birth coach and parents had a beautiful birth by supporting the needs of the mother.  The important part of this journey was to understand the roadblocks in place and provide the pathway to eliminate them.

“She has this ability to talk to doctors and earn their respect.”

Having a supportive birth team can make or break the experience for an expecting family. When everyone is working together, to achieve a common goal and support the parents, it can significantly influence and alter the course of labor for that couple.  I had been texting Laxmi’s doctor from the time her water broke.  His trust in me, “Bring her in any time you think its best,” he said, and his faith in her ability to labor and give birth vaginally was the beacon of light and support she needed to have the birth no other hospital staff thought she could have!

“Without her, I would have had a c-section.”

Sometimes, it is the most simplest ideas that provide a solution to our greatest challenges. The key is to be able to access the understanding needed to seek out that simple solution. For Laxmi, she had a multiple day labor where cervical dilation didn’t move past 1cm for 3 days after her water broke!  In most hospital scenarios, this would have led to an automatic c-section.  When we identified the potential block, within minutes, she literally went into active labor and transition.  She was 8cm within moments and delivered her baby a short time later.

“I knew Western medicine wasn’t enough and that there’s a lot that Eastern traditions had to bring to the table.”- Mehul

This is where the mind body connection is critical to consider and know about. Understanding and addressing a person through various lenses and perspectives is important.  Having worked with both Laxmi and Mehul for so many months, we were able to draw up on and utilize our strong connection and the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine.

“Now we are pregnant with our second baby, and we didn’t hesitate at all to bring Viji onboard again.”

Most people think that having a birth coach for your first birth is understandable.  But, why would you have one during your second if you have already done it once before?  It is important to understand and value the effect that support can have on a life.  In this case, 3.5 lives!  As humans, our health and well being are always changing.  Ayurveda moves along with the person and supports you as circumstances change in your life.  Having someone who holds you accountable and is available to you, as a champion and coach, can make the difference between a difficult and smooth pregnancy and labor.  When there are many factors that are unknown, having one that isn’t brings peace of mind and reassurance.

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