Meet L’Orelle

Have the birth experience YOU want without fear

L’Orelle was able to have the medication-free birth she wanted

L’Orelle and her partner Ryan were clear about the type of birth they wanted for their first daughter. How they were going to get there was the missing component which led them to seek out birth support.  Although they provided me a list of things they wanted to work on, I don’t think they expected to have such a comprehensive undertaking that would eventually give them exactly what they wanted!

“I had a lot of anxiety, I thought I was doing things wrong. I thought every little bit of stress I felt was affecting my baby.”

We worked hard throughout the pregnancy to remove or overcome any obstacles to achieve their ideal birth. I remember the turning point of her pregnancy.  This was when L’Orelle went from extreme anxiety to grounded knowing; that all would be good and that with our team, it would all work out. Many people do not realize the power of touch and bodywork. In L’Orelle’s case, craniosacral therapy as part of our bodywork session allowed her to connect to her deepest and truest self.


“From that day forward my experience of being pregnant was completely different.”

She diligently followed the practices and suggestions that I recommended. Her statements during birth described it brilliantly. “Viji, wait, this isn’t right. Labor is supposed to be long and drawn out…it can’t be happening this way!”  Her labor was very smooth and I reminded her that this was no coincidence.  She did everything to get herself to this point.  L’Orelle got to the hospital at 7cm, less than an hour and a half later, she delivered her beautiful baby without any medication and 30 minutes of pushing!

“I would not want to have a child without having Viji there.”

newborn baby after birth

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