Meet Neha

Learn how a birth coach is important for all types of births

“I couldn’t have had the experience I did without her.” -Neha

When I look back at both of Neha’s births, it reminds me of the strength and resiliency within the human spirit.  For both experiences, labor didn’t go in the timing or in the way that she had originally imagined.  Despite the fear that may have been in her heart, she utilized her inner strength and leaned up on us to traverse labor beautifully!  Feeling supported and not feeling judged are not just luxuries, they should be the norm.

“I was up and running after both births.”

Both of Neha’s births were so peaceful!  Like anything in life, there were a few hiccups and complications.  But, we got through it and there was a perfectly healthy baby to greet us at the end!  With both of her smooth births, she felt the physical recovery was quick.  A non traumatic and supported birth can contribute to an easier and faster recovery.

“I had her to speak what I was experiencing.”

Each individual seeks different things in both times of joy and especially in times of vulnerability.  Neha was clear that she needed emotional support.  She didn’t know, however, what that exactly looked like.  Part of the beauty of the flow of labor is that it has twists and turns and no one can possibly know exactly what that looks like before. As each unique fear arose, each one was addressed and Neha felt that someone firmly holding her hand allowed her to overcome it.

“Viji was the glue for all of us stakeholders and all of us participants in the process.”

I am often asked about advocacy in the birth room.  It comes up a lot in conversations prior to deciding to work together and sometimes during pregnancy.  I believe in subtle advocacy.  What does that mean?  As long as the client gets what they want, taking credit is not priority.  Forcibly making things happen is not ideal.  Preparation is key! When you are able to create an environment where all are respected and heard, things go smoothly.  This kind of advocacy makes your voice respected.


“The really beautiful impact that Viji had in the process was really being the support to my husband.”

Many people do not remember that the partner is also experiencing their unique perspective in labor.  It is surely challenging to be both participant and caretaker in that incredible time.  Having the pressure taken off allows the partner to be more involved and be a better support person, more relaxed and able to enjoy the experience as well.


“I had close to a perfect experience the first time and I wanted that again.”

Neha knew that there were many aspects to a successful and happy labor.  It was important for her husband to be supported, yet also have the flexibility to take care of an unexpected situation with their first son.  There are also some aspects of emotional support that can be easier seen from an outside perspective.  Because no two labors are the same nor can you really predict how they can go, Neha wanted the support she knew would allow her to have a more freer and happy birth.




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