Meet Pradeepthi

Learn how Pradeepthi had a successful VBAC against all odds

“I had cholestasis with my first pregnancy; it was really, really hard”

6 weeks into her 2nd pregnancy, Pradeepthi contacted me for help.  She was induced at 37 weeks for her first baby due to cholestasis and had a c-section.  After pregnancy, she developed additional related complications and was looking for a different experience her second time around.

This seemed to be a complicated case to take on.  Pradeepthi shared with me that many of the doctors she had seen told her that there was really nothing that she could do to prevent recurrence of cholestasis and her other pregnancy and postpartum related complications. She decided to go with the concierge package and we worked deliberately and diligently to understand and address whatever that was challenging and everything that could potentially be challenging.  With a shortened cervix in both pregnancies, she had to be on progesterone. This increased her chances of cholestasis to pretty much 100% recurrence, but Ayurvedic principles are strong and sound.  We met often and followed a multidimensional approach to her care.

“Having a team that you trust and can help you and support you is more important for a VBAC”

With so many statistics stacked against her, it would be absolutely key that we had a team that would encourage her and support her in her attempt to have a vaginal birth.  One’s mental and emotional approach to birth plays a huge role and when you build a team that continually supports that, you have the confidence and surrender to trust your body.


“I’m like a first time mom because I had a c-section the first time, but this labor was four and a half or five hours. That’s it!”

On average, labor for a first time mom can be between 16-24 hours.  When a mom tries for a VBAC, we approach her like a first time mom, whose labor could take some time.  The body must navigate some unchartered territory.  During her first birth, Pradeepthi had every intervention available and she did not dilate past 5 cm.  During her 2nd labor, she progressed beautifully and quickly!

Not only did she deliver on time, she had zero prenatal and postpartum complications. She had a very successful VBAC and recovered quickly. Perhaps most or equally important to having the birth she wanted, Pradeepthi was given the opportunity to take her health into her own hands and be empowered in regaining wellness.  It would be an understatement to say that her life really changed a lot over the months we worked together.  Not just because of her pregnancy but, when you feel empowered and are given hope, anything is possible!


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