Meet Sara

Learn how birth support was important for Sara during both of her pregnancies

“Viji was really good at sharing information in a way that I could understand it.”

Having worked in education herself, Sara was very interested and invested in the pregnancy and childbirth educational components of our relationship.  She was a sponge for information and wanted all that she could get her hands on.  She has a beautiful way of asking questions and really likes to know the whys behind everything.  This is so very important because how else can you buy into doing something that will support you and your baby?  It is very important for mothers to know what they can do to support themselves. Just prescribing something, but not explaining it doesn’t empower a person.  Information is power and it is critical to ignite that power within each mom I work with.

“I learned a lot about my body and how to help it be healthy.”

Ayurveda is 100% about knowledge.  It is about awareness and utilization of knowledge to live a healthy life and heal yourself if you encounter any issues.  When you use it during pregnancy, it can help make your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period easier.

“It’s very reassuring to know that someone is understanding what it is you want in your birth…and we knew we wanted to have a natural birth”- Sara

Each person is an individual and has their own unique needs and desires.  Sara, Josh and I spent a lot of time discussing her values and desires, both outside and relating to the pregnancy.  This was important so that we could be sure to do everything possible to create the environment and experience Sara envisioned.  Preparation, both mentally and physically, helped her to connect her mind and body to work together the day she went into labor.



“I felt like she was really an advocate for me and my daughter and my husband.”

With all the information out there, she wasn’t sure how labor would go and how to communicate her needs to the hospital staff if they questioned her.  When I joined Sara in labor, she couldn’t believe it was actually happening!  We had been in constant touch throughout the days that preceded and even more often earlier that day.  I remember back to all the time she enjoyed soaking up the childbirth education.  She was like a sponge, but, even with all of our preparation, it still didn’t sink in that she was going to have a baby!  We traversed early and active labor beautifully and 20 minutes after Sara started pushing, she delivered her baby.  No medication, no IV, nothing, exactly the way she wanted!


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