Meet Wendy

Learn how Viji helped Wendy overcome her anxiety and have an amazing birth experience

“I had so much anxiety and terror building up to this main event.”- Wendy

Wendy and her husband Markus are very learned people.  They had done their due diligence and knew the “facts” of labor and postpartum.  Familiar with every obscure fact of most things, Wendy had heard so many horror stories from those around her.  I think Wendy’s biggest fear was how she was going to get through the pain.

“Having a doula was not something we initially considered.”- Wendy

But, from the first moment we met, it was like we knew each other forever.  And, although this may seem like one very small aspect of birth support, it was the solid foundation that made the journey smoother for both of them.  Although they hired me much later in pregnancy, very close to their due date, we made sure that every important aspect was considered.  

“The first thing I looked at was the price and I was shocked.”- Markus

Markus initially was shocked by the amount of money. But after seeing his wife in pain with tears in her eyes and being pushed to his limit, Markus ultimately felt hiring a doula was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

A part of the uncertainty for Markus about hiring someone was, how would a person who they had never met and then met only a few times be able to usher you through such a personal experience as childbirth?

“She’s now family to us. We’ve really grown to love her in such a short amount of time”- Wendy

While it’s often felt that love during birth is between the family, love cannot be carved out when you help someone during such a special time.  During labor, while she said she didn’t know if she could get through the pain, it was beautiful to see her trust in the process and trust her body.  


“I really needed someone who was knowledgeable and compassionate by my side.”- Wendy

The immediate bond that we felt was there to help her feel safe.  “You were like a magical unicorn that made everything happen even better than I could have ever imagined,” she told me after the birth.

Viji holding Wendy's baby girl Adaline

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