Module 3: Changes to Expect in First Week of Breastfeeding

Module 3:  Going to the Hospital and Delivering Your Baby

“How do I know when to go to the hospital?”

“What do I do if they send me back?”

“Whats a hep lock? and do I really need one?”

These and many more questions come into mind when a new mom is in labor and is wading through the series of decisions she must make.  This course was intended to shed light on all the varying situations you may come across and give you the tools and knowledge to make those decisions.

Once at the hospital, what happens?  Do you have a choice?  How do you navigate through labor to help it go the way you want it to?  These and more are discussed in this course so that you have the knowledge to do the best you can and influence it to go the way you want!

We have also provided detailed understanding and description of the pushing phase. This is important so you can prepare mentally. For most first time moms, pushing lasts between 2-4 hours minimum.  Our clients have achieved wonderful results of pushing less than an hour!  How do you push?  What to do if you have pain medication?  What are the best positions?  You will learn what works best for you!


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