EBB Syllabus

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class Syllabus

Overview of Class

Orientation Videos

• How this class works

• Stages of Labor

• Hormones of Labor

• Quiz

First In-Person Class

• Introductions and getting to know each other

• Set up our upcoming Zoom appointments

• Talk about our biases and beliefs about childbirth

• Describe how labor works

• When to go to the hospital (if you’re planning a hospital birth)

• Talk about the power of language

• Talk about the fear-tension-pain cycle

• Preview the toolkit we will be building to manage pain and anxiety

• Learn how to use abdominal breathing, visualization, and affirmations

• Discuss your assignment for next week

• Evaluate today’s class


Week 1 Videos: Evidence Based Care

• Evidence Based Care 101

o Why Rebecca started Evidence Based Birth®

o Three-legged stool of evidence based care

o Routine care vs. evidence based care

• Family centered care vs. top-down care

o What is family centered care?

o How does the power system work in hospitals and our healthcare system?

o Name the “tickets out” of the top-down system

• The Golden Ticket

o Interviewing your provider (and red flags)

o Research on birth settings

o Hospital birth

o Out-of-hospital birth

• Assignment, quiz, and evaluation


Week 1 Zoom Call

• Your Instructor will present statistics from your local hospitals

• Talk about eating & drinking during labor

• Talk about the evidence on due dates

• Talk about what you learned from the Week 1 videos

• Go over points and discuss your assignment for next week


Week 2 Videos: Comfort & Advocacy 101

• Support and Education

o Your labor support team

o Opinions vs. evidence

o Dealing with family

• Comfort Measures 101

o Basics of staying comfortable

o Environment

o Nourishment

o Music therapy

o Gate control theory

o Mind control (Central Nervous System)

o Introduction to acupressure

• Advocacy 101

o Talking with your provider in a prenatal visit

o Iceberg beneath your words

o Communication skills for partners

• Assignment, quiz, and evaluation


Week 2 Zoom Call

• Discuss the evidence on big babies

• Discuss the evidence on failure to progress

• Talk about what you learned from the Week 2 videos

• Go over points and discuss your assignment for next week


Week 3 Videos: Comfort & Advocacy 201

• Advanced Comfort Measures

o Hip squeeze and counter pressure

o Vocalization

o Using the Rebozo

o Water immersion

o Additional acupressure skills

o Epidurals

o Birthing positions

o Protecting the perineum

• Advanced Advocacy Techniques

o The term “allowed”

o Informed consent

o Love

o Last resort advocacy measures

• Assignment, quiz, and evaluation


Week 3 Zoom Call

• Discuss the evidence on Group B Strep

• Discuss the evidence on induction if your water breaks at term

• Talk about advanced comfort measures and advocacy

• Go over points and discuss your assignment for next week


Week 4 Videos: Interventions & Birth Plans

• Typical “bundle” of interventions seen at a hospital birth

o Using “BRAND” and the concept of a toolkit

o Interventions that can happen to the top half of your body

o Interventions that can happen to the bottom half of your body

• Labor Inductions

o Reasons for inductions

o Ways to medically induce labor

o Ways to naturally induce labor

• Cesareans

o Ways to help prevent preventable Cesareans

o Ways to have a family-centered Cesarean

• How to start creating your own birth plan

• Assignment, quiz, and evaluation


Week 4 Zoom Call

• Q & A about last week’s videos

• Q & A about writing birth plans

• Practice BRAND

• Go over points and discuss your assignment for next week

• Talk about upcoming labor rehearsal


Week 5 Videos: Baby & Breastfeeding

• Newborn procedures

o Delayed cord clamping and skin-to-skin

o Eye ointment and Vitamin K

o Circumcision

• Breastfeeding

o Partner’s role with breastfeeding

o Overview of breastfeeding

o Latch and positioning

o Feeding

o When to get help

• Discussion about creating a postpartum care plan

o Creating a postpartum care team

o Physical and emotional changes

o Identifying postpartum mood disorders


Final In-Person Class: “Comfort Measures Rehearsal + 4th Trimester”

• Comfort Measures Rehearsal (bring your doula, if you have one!)

o Hands-on practice of comfort measures

o Role play of advocacy scenarios

o Cheat sheet for the partner

• Q & A about breastfeeding

• Discussion about postpartum and the 4th trimester

o Changes your body will undergo

o Mental health awareness

o Self-care

o Creating a postpartum plan

• Collect prizes and certificates, complete an evaluation


Bonus Videos on Newborn Care:

• Calming a fussy baby

• Sleep safety

• Sleep sanity

• Diapering

• Bathing

• Baby wearing


Your weekly assignments will include tasks like:

• Reading various 1-page handouts from EBB

o Eating & drinking during labor

o Due dates

o Suspected big babies

o Failure to progress

o Group B Strep

o PROM (water breaks before labor at term)

• Practicing relaxation scripts

o Deep breathing and positive thoughts

o For the partner

o Ocean

o Forest

o Fear release

• Other assignments will include:

o Giving and receiving massages

o Spending time on a birth ball

o Trying hip squeezes and counter pressure

o Locating acupressure points

o Practicing deep breathing and relaxation in the bath/shower

o Practicing saying your cue words while doing deep breathing

o Drafting a birth plan

o Drafting a baby plan

o Drafting a music playlist for labor



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