Childbirth Basics


When you know what to expect, the fear and anxiety you feel will reduce.This video course has been designed to be a comprehensive educational experience going over childbirth.  It is based on helping hundreds of women over the years and highlights the important information that you should know during each stage. When you purchase this course you get 5+ hours of video lessons with step-by-step instructions on how to navigate birth from a place of confidence and bring your baby into the world without fear. There are 4 modules to address each stage and also includes a free 30 minute consultation with a coach to answer any questions you may have.

The following modules are included in this course:

Module 1:  What You Need to Know Before Labor

Knowledge is power. Three words that mean so very much. This short course is based on what I teach my clients in their prenatal meetings. When you know what to expect, the fear and anxiety you feel will reduce. You have the knowledge to know what is normal and this allows you to know when to seek help. Because our mental state is so very important throughout the journey, minimizing worrying about things that don’t need attention is so very helpful. This video course helps you to know the nuts and bolts so you can prepare. You even get a free 30 minute consultation with a coach to answer any of your questions!

What you will learn in this class:

  • Relevance of your support team
  • The anatomy and physiology of labor
  • How to prepare physically for your labor
  • Stages of Pregnancy
  • Normal signs of labor, the stages of labor and coping with labor
  • Contractions and monitoring them
  • Testing during your pregnancy and how to prepare
  • Induction methods
  • Preventing perineal tearing
  • What to bring to the hospital
Module 2:  Knowing Your Options and Creating a Birth Plan

Having a voice; one of the most important aspects of your pregnancy journey that is sacred and should be protected.  While your birth plan or intention is a document that you have ready when going to the hospital, the thought and work that goes into it is equally as important.  In order to know what you want, you must know the choices that are available to you.  This video course helps you know what happens throughout the process of labor and helps you determine what your opinion, feelings and thoughts are about them.  With this information, you can create a birth plan that provides a bridge between you and your care provider.

Module 3:  Going to the Hospital and Delivering Your Baby

“How do I know when to go to the hospital?”

“What do I do if they send me back?”

“Whats a hep lock? and do I really need one?”

These and many more questions come into mind when a new mom is in labor and is wading through the series of decisions she must make.  This course was intended to shed light on all the varying situations you may come across and give you the tools and knowledge to make those decisions.

Once at the hospital, what happens?  Do you have a choice?  How do you navigate through labor to help it go the way you want it to?  These and more are discussed in this course so that you have the knowledge to do the best you can and influence it to go the way you want!

We have also provided detailed understanding and description of the pushing phase.  This is important so you can prepare mentally. For most first time moms, pushing lasts between 2-4 hours minimum.  Our clients have achieved wonderful results of pushing less than an hour!  How do you push?  What to do if you have pain medication?  What are the best positions?  You will learn what works best for you!

Module 4:  Navigating After Birth

You have just given birth and seeing your newborn baby has just changed your entire world.  You had given everything you had to your labor.  And, then you remember what someone told you:  The hard work starts now!  What?

Yes, it is true indeed.  Before you leave the hospital, many things happen to both you and the baby and again, knowing what choices you have is critical.  What do all the tests mean?  Are they necessary?

What happens when you go home?  How will you do all of this?  This course aims to give you some of the things to pay attention to, and provide you with the knowledge to navigate this time much better!




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