Breastfeeding Kit


Breastfeeding is hard. Nobody talks about it but for many women breastfeeding can be really challenging. The Breastfeeding Kit was designed specifically to focus on helping you have the necessary items for your breastfeeding journey. The kit includes items that you can use and that will help to prepare for that time. It is important to prepare both your mind and body for feeding your baby. Towards that end, we have included some helpful hints for both preparation and “what is normal” after your baby is born.

The purchase of this kit includes 10% off of Professional Lactation Consultation Services!

"This phenomenal kit contains EVERYTHING you'll ever need when it comes to making your nursing experience physically and emotionally satisfying for both you and your baby. Like many new moms, I feared I would have trouble nursing. The tools in this kit helped me tremendously by providing support and guidance as well as some much needed comfort. "Wendy M.Fremont, CA

Items in This Kit:

  • A detailed outline of preparation practices, “What to Expect,” and “What is Normal” guidelines. In addition, a preparation video including tips and tricks, different holding positions, ideas for latching, self expression and soothing techniques is included.
  • To support your breastfeeding journey, all of these helpful items are included: the Herb Lore Nursing Tea, Organic breastfeeding pillow, Mama Bay Earth Angel Soothing Nipple, Cream, Mooiste nursing cover, nursing pads and the Avent manual pump for self expression.
  • A laminated nursing log tracker, reference card for daily reminders to support breastfeeding and essential oil use support tips is included.
  • An audio meditation for daily breastfeeding support.

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