Anti Nausea Kit


Perhaps one of the most common, yet disturbing pregnancy symptoms is nausea and vomiting. This occurs especially in the first trimester, but can come and go throughout one’s pregnancy. According to Ayurveda, there are reasons why this occurs. It can, however, be a tricky thing to get a handle on, especially in cases of hyperemesis (excessive vomitting.) The Nausea Remedy kit is meant to provide various types of resources in order to combat nausea. It uses the principles in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Items Contained in This Kit:

  • One 30 min 1:1 Phone consultation with Viji to answer any questions
  • Because nausea and vomiting can occur for many reasons during pregnancy, a detailed description of possible causative factors will be described.  In order to address your own experience, especially when you have tried different things, this will be important.  Knowledge allows you to have the influence to change things.
  • Various products have been put together to address acute nausea.  These are papaya enzymes, doTerra Peppermint essential oil, organic ginger candies, organic fennel seeds to make tea, acupressure bands, organic sesame oil and Herb Lore Nausea Tincture.  Instructions on how to use these are included.
  • A laminated card with acupressure points to address nausea and directions on how and when to do pressure work.
  • Because emotional stresses and causes have often been the cause of nausea in many pregnant moms, the following are included to support you:

Healing Sound Meditation:  The healing sound meditation is an mp3 audio of a meditative process that includes generating resonance throughout the body by repeating certain sounds. The aim of the practice is to gain mastery over the mind and reach its subtle layers. Doing this practice has helped many women to establish a strong mind body connection and heal themselves with intentions they set.

Divine Journey Processing Guidelines: A PDF that outlines a time tested, successful way of processing emotions or events in your life that are a cause of stress and tension, sadness or anger, etc.  Emotions can get embedded in our body and then subsequently affect us in ways we may not even realize. It is important that the processing of emotions doesn’t get bypassed and stuck inside of you.  Our mind effects our physical health and this is especially important during pregnancy.



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