Health Essentials Kit

This is your key to more energy, better sleep, enhanced clarity, and greater joy during a time that defines your baby’s growth on every level.  

  • launch a healthy pregnancy
  • Reduce Morning Sickness
  • Reduce Digestive Barriers
  • Optimize Your Body’s Function
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Viji Natarajan, BS, CAS, CMT, CYT, CBE, CD(DONA) 

Divine Journey Owner 

No Matter What Stage You Are In Your Pregnancy Journey, Our Health Essentials Kit Is The Secret To Building A Stronger Foundation For Both Your Body And Your Child’s Body.

Are you Bothered about morning sickness, sleepless nights, digestion issues or other pregnancy issues?

You don’t need to be! Our Health Essentials Kit includes key ingredients along with essential training and education based on Ayurvedic Medicine that is designed to build a strong healthy foundation in your body to be the optimal temple for your child to come into this world through a divine journey.

Over $500 worth of physical & digital products when sold separately

 You get everything included for only $149.99  

  • Laminated Ayurvedic Daily Routine Card
  • Laminated Emotional Processing Guidelines
  • Ayurvedic Toothpaste
  • Tongue Scraper
  • Digestive Tea
  • Organic Sesame Oil (16oz)
  • Journal
  • Ayurvedic Daily Routine
  • Guided Ayurvedic Self-Massage MP3
  • Breathing Exercise MP3
  • Healing Sound Meditation MP3
  • Grounding Meditation MP3
  • Expressive Exercises MP3
  • Emotional Processing Guidelines
  • Guided Video Demonstration

Ayurvedic Daily Routine

Guided Ayurvedic Self-Massage MP3
Breathing Exercise MP3
Healing Sound Meditation MP3
Grounding Meditation MP3
Expressive Exercises MP3

Processing Guidelines

Ayurvedic Daily Routine

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Guided Ayurvedic Self-Massage MP3

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Breathing Exercise MP3

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Healing Sound Meditation MP3

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Grounding Meditation MP3

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Expressive Exercises MP3

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Processing Guidelines

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pregnancy support and holistic health for a mother-to-be

As a NAMA certified doctor of Ayurveda and a clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, Viji has witnessed, supported, and transformed countless women’s pregnancy and birth experiences. Now, she has curated this combination of physical products and digital guidance (video, audio, and written manuals) to help moms across the world benefit from her years of knowledge.

You'll Get Instant Access to

The Health Essentials Kit is specifically crafted to support a mom during the prenatal period. This is the time that defines your baby’s growth on every level.  

Ayurvedic Daily Routine

You are building your baby's mind, body and spirit. In this time, you have the ability to influence short and long term outcomes through healthy practices. This Daily Routine will help you balance the energies in your body, calm your mind, connect to your baby, check in with yourself, regulate digestion and increase circulation. Individually, these practices may appear simple, but when combined, they will transform your and your baby's health in pregnancy and beyond.

Guided Ayurvedic Self Massage

This recording walks you through a daily self-massage routine. Self-massage is an ancient practice of profound rejuvenation and loving self-care. It helps calm the nervous system, lubricate and rejuvenate tissues, aid the digestive system, reduce pain, and promote healthy circulation. It is especially important during pregnancy because a mother's energies are mostly focused on supporting the growth of her baby. A nurturing oil massage helps balance these energetic forces for a healthier birth and a faster recovery postpartum.

Daily Breathing Exercise

The audio recording guides you through this breathing practice. It is an important part of your daily routine leading up to labor. It is the practice of the Ujjayi breathing technique and helps to balance the energies in the body as well as prepare you for labor. Many moms get through the painful contractions of labor by using their breath. Breathing practices calm the mind and help deal with the stress and pain of labor and life!

Over 130 Five 🌟 Reviews from happy clients

I am updating my first review after being lucky enough to have Viji support me again through my second birth. As with my first pregnancy and labor, I could...
My husband and I constantly thank our stars that we stumbled upon Viji's details when we were looking for a pre natal massage. The concept of a doula was...
There are a few things I can state with stronger conviction than the fact that hiring Viji to be our doula for our second pregnancy was the single most...

Grounding Meditation MP3

The grounding meditation helps you ease into your own being, connect to yourself and utilize that potential for both grounding and growth. The stronghold of the roots we plant are important to help catapult us forward. This short practice will help to create ease and calm.

Expressive Exercises MP3

The expressive exercise included describes the way to deal with common internalizing patterns we utilize in daily life. In women, the jaw is connected to the uterus, so this practice is especially critical during pregnancy to help the cervix open up during labor.

Processing Guidelines

This guide outlines a time-tested approach to processing your emotional experience. When we bypass and embody our emotions, they can affect us in ways we may not even realize. Since our mind impacts our physical health, regularly processing your emotions will help you and your baby.

Healing Sound Meditation MP3

The healing sound meditation is a meditative process that includes generating resonance throughout the body by repeating certain sounds. The aim of the practice is to gain mastery over the mind and reach its subtle layers. Doing this practice has helped many women to heal themselves and establish a strong mind-body connection.

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What People are Saying About Viji

She has this amazing gift to pull everyone together to enjoy the moment and support the mom and one another…

I am an Obstetrician. I deliver about 100 babies a year and have the most amazing “job”.  Many of the births I have “performed” were attended by doulas.
I met Viji the another night as we joyfully worked together with a laboring mom and her husband during their labor. It was a beautiful birth.  But…this post is about Viji!  The moment I entered the room I felt a warm, positive, spiritual energy.  Viji has a lovely, engaging, warm glow. It is contagious.  She so attentively supported the laboring mom and from my point of view did what almost NO other doulas do— she was there to support EVERYONE! She interacted warmly and caringly with dad, our awesome L&d nurse, the doctor (me).  She has this amazing gift to pull everyone together to enjoy the moment and support the mom and one another.

Word of warning. Snatch her up quick

I have never been a doc to actually recommend a doula, but I have always been supportive when patients ask me the value. Now I have worked w Viji I will be recommending her to most of my patients. And I have many…….

Holly N., Doctor (El Camino Mountain View)


I would without hesitation suggest you snatch her up…

Viji is one of the most knowledgeable, understanding and kind people that I know. I love to see people like Viji work in the birth profession because she realizes what a privilege and blessing it is when someone ask her to be there for them at the birth, or afterward when the baby comes home.

I always say ” there is a special doula for everyone” but I can honestly say that Viji would be a special doula for anyone and everyone. She has this lovely gentle presence, kind and lovely way about her. She is genuinely interested in who ever is speaking to her and she is totally present in the conversation. She truly loves her work and always joyful and happy when speaking about her passion. Each of her clients are treated with respect as she focuses on their individual expectations and needs and without any judgement. She does it with such professionalism that is difficult to find sometimes when you are looking.

If you are contemplating having a birth doula or any of the other services that Viji offer I would without hesitation suggest you snatch her up:-)

She is truly a special person and spiritually just a good and loving person. 

Noreen McCarthy

She has set me on the path to be the version of myself beyond this pregnancy…


I moved to the Bay from NYC towards the last part of my pregnancy. I just wish I met her sooner!! Her empathy, knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda/pregnancy/labor and motherhood is like nothing I’ve ever seen before — and I’ve spent thousands of dollars hiring some fo the best practitioners in the East Coast.

She made a HUGE difference in understanding my mental state, owning my body and trusting nature. With her, you’re not just getting a doula or pregnancy support – you’re getting a beautiful sneak peek into your own lifelong healing. She has set me on a path to be the best version of myself beyond this pregnancy and for that I’m eternally grateful.


Forever thankful to you…

Words cannot express how grateful all of us are to you. You are amazing. When I looked into your eyes during the birth I saw God and it comforted me. This is your divine calling, and we somehow had the good fortune to cross paths with you. Forever thankful to you, for everything.
Ping O.

Several nurses, the anesthesiologist, and midwife, all asked me for her contact information because they were blown away by her skills as a doula…


I just gave birth the day before yesterday and still felt the need to write this reference for my fantastic doula as soon as possible. I am still stunned as to what she helped me achieve. After an undesirable and painful c-section three years ago, I was determined to have a VBAC this time around. As things started to fall into place regarding basic requirements for a VBAC, I then decided to go one step further and try for an unmedicated, natural birth. It must have been fate that I Viji and I connected only one month before my delivery. A doula with Viji’s expertise is usually booked up one year in advance. Not only is she ridiculously knowledgeable about everything related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, she has a magical instinct about the body and handles each second of prenatal, labor, and postpartum care with precision and detail. I knew the day I met her that she would be the perfect birth attendant for me. She’s so easy to talk to, very caring, and incredibly humble. You can tell that she is passionate about being a doula and perfected and studied every aspect of her job. Viji went above and beyond the call of duty for me. Before I went into labor, she visited my husband and I and described in detail how labor would likely unfold, how to handle labor contractions through breathing and exercise, which vitamins and supplements would likely make labor easier for me, and she addressed and eased every concern I had. At times I would text or email her in the middle of the night and she would still respond within seconds! She always had my best interests at heart. When I told her that I may have a problem getting to the hospital, without hesitation, she offered to pick me up from my home and take me herself, and join me at ANY point during my labor (even the early stages). 

In addition to mastering the challenging role of a doula, Viji used her deep knowledge of Ayurveda and essential oils to help me through my labor. From the onset of my contractions, she rubbed all sorts of soothing 100% grade essential oils on me and she knew very well how each would help my labor progress smoothly. Her instincts were 100% correct because my experience turned out to be very unusual. My entire labor lasted only 9 hours and I only had to push for 15 minutes, which apparently is unheard of for first time VBACs. Through every minute of my labor, Viji offered moral support, massage support, emotional encouragement, and her profound medical knowledge. I honestly believe that my body labored quickly and efficiently because she guided me every step of the way. The staff at UCSF and they were incredibly impressed with her. Several nurses, the anesthesiologist, and midwife, all asked me for her contact information because they were blown away by her skills as a doula. As if that wasn’t enough, she personally encapsulated my placenta and delivered the capsules and some homemade essential oil blends and bath salts to my home the day after I gave birth.

I feel blessed to have had Viji with me at my son’s birth, and am so grateful to her for helping me achieve a successful VBAC.

Rupa P.



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