Labor Kit


The Labor Ready Kit was designed specifically to focus on helping you prepare for labor. Labor is a time where we must allow and facilitate the body to open up and let go. This process helps to birth your baby. Preparation will be important. Items to help with breastfeeding preparation as well as preparing the body for labor and the effectiveness of your contractions are included. If you are nearing your due date and would like help to get things going, a guide for troubleshooting delaying influences will be helpful! This kit is ideal to have starting at 35 weeks pregnancy.


Items in This Kit:

  • One 30 min 1:1 Phone consultation with Viji to answer any questions
  • To prepare for that special day, a daily routine guide, video recommendations for helping to trouble shoot labor, essential oil recommendations to facilitate and ease labor as well as the Labor Release audio meditation is included.
  • To support you in your labor, both to prepare and items to use during that time, the following natural remedies are included: Evening primrose oil to support the cervix, Herb Lore Red Raspberry leaf tea to help make contractions efficient, Herb Lore Labor Tincture to promote contractions and Herb Lore Nursing Tea to help the body for breastfeeding. The Pretty Pushers Labor gown is a fun, comfortable and versatile outfit to experience labor.
  • Many women are stumped when they don’t go into labor on time or don’t have any signs.  Detailed ways in which you may support your body and facilitate the onset of labor are included in the Labor Facilitation document to help avoid inductions.

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