Postpartum Kit


The Postpartum Preparation Kit was designed to support a mom in the period immediately after she has given birth to her beautiful baby. This is often a period of time that most women do not think about or prepare much. In my practice, I have often seen women who are depleted from giving birth struggle during the postpartum period. Ayurveda has a very in depth understanding of the body’s energetics and nutritional needs at this time and can help avoid some of these common problems that arise. This period will also have an obvious impact on your baby, so it is important to care for yourself so you are able to care for your baby properly.

The information and products in this kit will help you to:

  • Recover more quickly
  • Ease postpartum blues
  • Follow a supportive nutritional guideline for the postpartum period
  • Experience support practices for both you and your baby
Purchase of this Kit comes with 10% off Placenta Encapsulation Services which significantly support your Postpartum Recovery!


Items in This Kit:

  • One 30 min 1:1 Phone consultation with Viji to answer any questions
  • A detailed Ayurvedic 40 day Postpartum Plan to help recovery, healing and coping after your baby is born. Nutritional Guidelines as well as helpful recipes are also provided.  (>40 pages of content!)
  • To support your recovery, all of the helpful items are included as well: the Herb Lore Postpartum Sitz Bath for healing of your bottom after birth, a sitz bath container, non-alcohol witch hazel and one pack of postpartum pads, a comfortable donut for sitting and avoiding hemorrhoids, epsom salts for soaking and organic sesame oil for full body oil massage for rejuvenation tissues and organ function.
  • Essential Oil recommendations for the postpartum period are included as well as both Do Terra Helichrysum for healing tissues and lavender oil.
  • An audio meditation to support recovery of both the physical and emotional body.

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