Prenatal Kit


The Prenatal Kit is specifically crafted to support a mom during the prenatal period. This is the time that defines your baby’s growth on every level.  You have the opportunity to positively influence it and the items in this kit are meant to help you. This is also the time where what you do prepares your body for labor. The intention of this kit is to provide all the critical items, resources and practices necessary to support both you and your growing baby during your pregnancy.

This kit was specifically made based on the understanding of the prenatal period and the influences that can provide relief from common disturbances. It has been created as a combination of curated physical products, based on countless births I have witnessed and a deep understanding of Ayurvedic medicine, as well as guided video, audio and written manuals to help moms get the next best thing to working directly one on one with me.

Women who utilized the methods introduced in this kit had:

  • Healthier pregnancies
  • Success overcoming difficult and challenging circumstances
  • Avoided complications (Only 1 c-section in 2016, all medical complications averted)
  • Easier Birth
  • Faster Births (In 2016, the average pushing time for all clients was 38 minutes!)

The intention of this kit is both for self care and preparation for labor.

"For those who are unable to take advantage of Viji's in person guidance throughout pregnancy, this is the next best thing - a perfect kit to guide you through this important time and prepare you for birth. I highly recommend following Viji's instructions and exercise regime to prevent pregnancy ailments, ideally position the baby for natural birth, and learn to manage the pain and stress during labor. "Sue E.Newark, CA

Items in This Kit:

  • One 30 min 1:1 Phone consultation with Viji to answer any questions
  • Detailed Ayurvedic Prenatal Daily Routine to help remove toxins, increase circulation, improve digestion, minimize anxiety and  balance the body’s energies in preparation for labor. To support your routine, all of the needed items are included as well: Auromere Ayurvedic toothpaste, Banyan Botanical tongue scraper, Banyan Botanical organic sesame oil and a journal
  • The following certified therapeutic grade doTerra essential oils are included so that you may take care of common complaints that occur during pregnancy: lavender oil, peppermint oil, On Guard oil and Deep Blue Rub. An essential oil use document is also included to guide your use of key essential oils during your pregnancy.
  • To address additional common occurances during pregnancy, the following natural remedies are included: Herb Lore Iron Tonic, Herb Lore Happy Day Tincture and Yin Care with spray bottle
  • To help with positioning of your baby and promote a timely and easier delivery, positioning exercises and Resources are provided.  An exercise ball and pump are also included to support these exercises.
  • To support your pregnancy, connecting with baby, easing tension, anxiety and stress, create a healthy body environment and prepare for labor, the following support meditations and practices are included:

Healing Sound Meditation:  The healing sound meditation is an mp3 audio of a meditative process that includes generating resonance throughout the body by repeating certain sounds. The aim of the practice is to gain mastery over the mind and reach its subtle layers. Doing this practice has helped many women to establish a strong mind body connection and heal themselves with intentions they set.

Breathing Exercise:  The Daily Breathing Exercise is an audio mp3 that you guides you through this breathing practice. It is an important part of your daily routine leading up to labor. It is the practice of the Ujjayi breathing technique and helps to balance the energies in the body as well as prepare you for labor. Many moms get through the painful contractions of labor by using their breath. Breathing practices calm the mind and helps deal with the stress and pain of labor and life!

Guided Yoga Routine:  Learn supportive yoga asanas that will help you during pregnancy by having a visual PDF booklet of asanas as well as an mp3 guided audio to practice at home! Yoga is a great way to connect the mind and body as well as set aside time to be with your baby. While establishing strength and flexibility, you can help to reduce stress and tension in the mind.

Guided Ayurvedic Self Massage:  This mp3 audio walks you through a daily self massage routine. Self massage is a profound ancient practice of rejuvenation and loving self-care. It helps calm the nervous system, lubricate and rejuvenate tissues, aid digestive system, reduce pain and promote healthy circulation. It is especially important during pregnancy because a mother’s body energies are mostly focused on supporting the growth of her baby.  Nurturing oil massage helps to balance the energetic forces in the body that influence and are responsible for giving birth. This practice is essential for a healthy body, mind and a faster recovery postpartum.

Divine Journey Processing Guidelines: A PDF that outlines a time tested, successful way of processing emotions or events in your life that are a cause of stress and tension, sadness or anger, etc.  Emotions can get embedded in our body and then subsequently affect us in ways we may not even realize. It is important that the processing of emotions doesn’t get bypassed and stuck inside of you.  Our mind effects our physical health and this is especially important during pregnancy.


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