Pretty Pushers Black Gown


This is YOUR labor!  Feel pretty, healthy and happy when you are in labor and delivery your baby!

"The pretty pusher is a natural birthing essential! Hospital gowns can be scratchy and uncomfortable. The pretty pusher offers a very functional, comfortable and cute alternative."Elizabeth B.Gilroy, CA

Pretty Pusher gowns answer the age old question of what to wear in the delivery room because they have been designed for the modern labor experience. Unlike the public hospital gown which represents illness, each Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gown has openings that provide access for electronic fetal monitors, the epidural (if necessary), and other IV’s.

Many of our clients love the gown, as it is soft, easy and makes you feel sexy!   These delivery gowns are a chic, yet practical alternative to the unisex hospital gown. They are hospital approved and made in America of super-soft cotton jersey.

Mothers-to-be aren’t the only ones applauding the change. OB-GYNs, nurses, midwives and anesthesiologists are regularly sending testimonials about how the Pretty Pushers gowns are bringing their clients a sense of control and personal style in a hospital setting, while making their work easier to execute.



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