Healing Sound Meditation


The healing sound meditation is an mp3 audio of a meditative process that includes generating resonance throughout the body by repeating certain sounds. The aim of the practice is to gain mastery over the mind and reach its subtle layers. This is important during pregnancy because those who have used this practice have healed themselves of pregnancy complications. Clients also report better sleep, increased relaxation and decreased mind chatter. With the anxiety and worries that women often experience during pregnancy, this helps convert that energy into more positive thoughts and feelings. This positive internal change also affects your baby.

"During my entire pregnancy, my pelvic region and legs used to hurt a lot while sleeping especially when I wanted to switch sides or get up to go to bathroom. After trying the sound meditation, the pain reduced by more than 50%. This was the first time ever in my pregnancy when the pain decreased. I had also tried chiropractic care and even that didn’t help as much as the meditation did. I would highly recommend it to everyone experiencing any pain in their pregnancy."Mamal P.Fremont, CA

Regularly doing this sound meditation:

  • Enhances the connection to your own body and your baby
  • Allows you to positively effect your health by setting positive intentions
  • Allows the baby to receive targeted positive vibrations

"The sound meditation was amazingly helpful. I really got into it and it became the best part of my day. It was so relaxing and calming and afterwards I would just feel so much more at ease. Explaining how it is healing to the body and sounding very confident in the exercises made me believe I could heal and get well too. "Gina M.Fremont, CA


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