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Common Sense Tips to Keep Safe and Healthy During Pregnancy

  • Wash hands often and well
  • Become aware of and minimize touching your face
  • Wipe all surfaces with disinfectant
  • Do not go to crowded areas
  • Do not go to the hospital, especially the ER unless it is an emergency
  • Drink lots of water, warm is best
  • Pay attention to your digestive system as this is the root of your immunity
  • Take time each day to practice gratitude
  • Take time each day for a breathing and/or meditation practice
  • Rest and sleep well
  • Talk to others to process your emotions; do not keep them inside

Home Birth Midwives

Looking for out of hospital births? These are excellent midwives ready to support you!

Birth Centers

Product Recommendations

Always consult with a practitioner to make sure these supplements are in align and support your constitution and no other contraindication is present. We are happy to mail out packages to you until they are available. Reduced shipping is available!


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