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Truth be told, if there were a one size fits all method to live our life, there would be no variations or complications during our pregnancy and in life in general. The beauty of Ayurvedic medical science and its practices is that it sees each individual as unique and approaches each person’s health in an individualized way.  To start your Ayurvedic journey, try out some of our free resources.

FREE: Ayurvedic Pregnancy Guide

Here is a quick Ayurvedic Guide to Pregnancy. You will begin to learn about some of the ways in which Ayurveda can help during the prenatal and postpartum period.

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FREE: Relaxing Supportive Yoga Routine

Yoga is a great way to connect both the mind and body. During pregnancy, it is a time that you set aside to be with your baby as well as support your body. Learn some supportive asanas that will help you during pregnancy.

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Get 15 Safe, Easy, Relaxing and Supportive Yoga Asanas
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FREE: Stress Reduction Meditation

Breathing and meditation is important to help reduce stress. It is especially important to develop a practice during pregnancy and will surely pay off in labor and delivery. Enjoy this short meditation to help relieve and reduce stress.

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Recommended Birthing Resources

The following are local wonderful souls that are dedicated to helping families!



Birthing Organzations


Hospital Midwives

Homebirth Midwives

Lactation Consultants

Additional Resources Breastfeeding Families

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center – Berkeley

Classes and Support Groups, Lactation Consultants, Pump Sales and Rentals

CPMC Newborn Connections – San Francisco

Classes, lactation consultants, pump sales and rentals, and free support groups. Open to all parents.

Day One – San Francisco, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek

Lactation consultants, support groups, workshops, breast pump sales and repairs, vitamins, herbal supplements for increasing milk supply. Open to all parents; membership fee provides discounts.

John Muir’s Women’s Health Center – Walnut Creek

Free two-hour support group led by lactation consultant on Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to noon; free 30-minute consultation with a nurse practitioner; lactation consultants; classes; breast pump rentals and sales. Open to all parents.

Peninsula Breastfeeding Center – Burlingame

Classes through Peninsula Hospital, support groups, in-home visits from a lactation consultant, pump sales and rentals. Open to all parents.

Natural Resources – San Francisco

Classes, lactation educators, pump sales and rentals, glass baby bottles. Open to all parents.

La Leche League – Northern California

Support groups, information, and lactation consultant referrals. Open to all parents; membership fee.

Alameda County WIC Program

Bay Area Lactation Associates

Nursing Mother’s Council


Sleep Consultants

Pelvic Floor Specialists

Food Preparation

Group Yoga Classes

Childbirth Education (For my non Clients)

Postpartum Depression Resources


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