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Find the service that is right for you. We offer specialized services and packages during the Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum periods.

Prenatal Services

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your health and receive personalized recommendations to heal and help resolve issues that you are facing. This analysis is foundational, looks at root cause and can be utilized throughout your life.

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Prenatal Packages

This package is designed to dispel the fear surrounding the birth process and assist, support and care for you on your journey to birth your baby. We focus on preparing and supporting you through labor utilizing the ancient medical science of Ayurveda and holistic medicine to reach your birth goals and help you give birth confidently.

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Designed to prepare you for one of the biggest events of your life, this comprehensive and personalized package covers every aspect of the birth journey. It takes into account your entire state of health and uses Ayurvedic techniques (including yoga & bodywork) to influence the whole of your pregnancy, from now until well after labor.

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Pospartum Services


Which service or package is right for me?

Here’s an assortment of frequently asked questions and scenarios to help you decide which package or service to choose. If you are still unsure or don’t see a question listed here, please get in touch to get your questions answered. (Click on a question to see the answer)

I am early in my pregnancy and am thinking of hiring a birth coach

Most things in life go smoother and better with a little bit of preparation. Hiring a birth coach early in your pregnancy has benefits for many reasons. First, you can ensure that the person you want to support you is available. Second, you are able to have someone support you throughout the pregnancy. This allows you to build a relationship and have someone that you can ask questions to from early on. Finally, getting help early on allows you the ability to greater influence your pregnancy. We recommend our Labor Support Package or Pregnancy Concierge Package

I am having pregnancy complications that nobody has been able to diagnose

Ayurveda has a unique perspective on health and wellness. While there are ways to address acute symptoms, Ayurveda understands and looks at the fundamental cause of disturbances that women experience. Oftentimes, simple, easy to follow suggestions, based on a deep understanding of the body and health, can alleviate often seen or experienced pregnancy complications. It is worth a try to utilize natural remedies. An Ayurvedic Consultation may be able to help.

I’ve am looking to have a VBAC this time around and want help preparing for natural childbirth. Can you help me?

Yes. We have helped many women successfully have a vaginal birth after cesarean. Most moms have had faster, easier and less complicated second births by working with us. Many factors are important to have a VBAC and these are all addressed systematically so that you have the best and safest chances of giving birth the way you envision. We recommend our Labor Support Package or Pregnancy Concierge Package

I experienced or want to avoid experiencing postpartum blues

Postpartum blues can be attributed to many contributory factors, but according to Ayurveda, there are ways in which you may influence your pregnancy, labor and postpartum experience to avoid or minimize its occurrence. We offer placenta encapsulation, which many moms have said have helped them feel less sad, moody and depressed. Our postpartum bodywork has also helped women to nurture their bodies and minds and feel more comforted.

I’ve had my baby and need more support than I had originally planned for

Birth can bring up a lot of things that were once buried. It can also demand a lot more than we may expect. Labor is not easy and your body may need a bit more support in the postpartum period. We provide coaching/consulting (listed in prenatal, but can be done in the postpartum as well) to explore the thoughts, emotions and experiences you are facing or trouble shooting any other problems or issues. Energetic bodywork, with supportive Ayurvedic and Essential oils help to remove blocks that prevent us from being joyful and present.

My baby is having a hard time breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that is so important to moms and it can be challenging as well. We have three packages that specifically address helping babies and moms with the breastfeeding experience. Craniosacral Therapy for Infants has shown to significantly improve breastfeeding because it helps to release energetic and muscular restrictions in the muscles involved in breastfeeding. This is a comprehensive package that includes assessment, treatment and education.


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