Ayurvedic Analysis

Understand and heal yourself on a deep level

Ayurveda is a medical science

It has been described as the oldest medical system in the world and originated in India thousands of years ago. Like any medical system, it has a very clear and well thought way of understanding the body, both physiologically as well as psychologically. Ayurveda is a holistic medical science. This means that Ayurveda does not believe that only one causative factor precipitates a disease or troubling condition for someone. It understands that one day, we don’t just wake up with a disease or condition because of something we did the day before. According to Ayurveda, an environment is created in the body that makes it more susceptible to annoying disturbances, complications or diseases. If one has a strong constitution and strong immunity, the manifestation of diseases can be prevented or is minimal. If one does not have a strong constitution, then, they are not able to as easily fight off diseases or keep them at bay. This is why two people exposed to the same thing, eat the same foods or do the same things do not develop the same illness.

A holistic approach

An Ayurvedic consultation focuses on understanding both the long term and current environment in the body. It makes connections between all the events and circumstances in your life and your current state of health. It can also have a good idea of what you can be susceptible to based on that environment. Women experiencing infertility or difficulty in getting pregnant have successfully used their Ayurvedic analysis to identify and address potential reasons why they have not become pregnant.  During pregnancy, it provides an insight into the current makeup of your body.

"When you meet Viji, it's a little scary how much she knows about you after a few minutes of conversation. Just give her an hour and you will feel like she is the only person who understands you and any issues you are experiencing. It goes beyond that though...she looks at you as a whole and is not just focused on pinpointing one single issue (because as I'm learning, it's never that simple). I followed her exact instructions. Well, as soon as I did one of my most significant issues was completely remedied. Little did I know that one application of this magical oil would change my life. I can't wait to actually keep listening and implementing her recommendations. She knows what she is doing."Ceia F.Menlo Park, CA

Your Ayurvedic consultation helps to provide a roadmap to support your health and pregnancy based on your determined constitution and current health. Simple, yet effective practices build a healthy environment in your body to support you and your baby. These practices are meant to support you before and during pregnancy, but also to help you birth easier, faster and with less pain then you would have otherwise.

Successful clients have followed up an Ayurvedic consultation with coaching.  Coaching ensures the one on one work that helps facilitate incorporating healing measures from various perspectives into your life.

"I would definitely recommend her for couples facing unexplained infertility issues. Please talk to viji before investing in series of fertility treatments. You will come out knowing what exactly is going on and how you can fix it. I approached Viji in a situation when i had almost run out of all options known to the medical world in preserving my pregnancy. In despair (after several trials and miscarriages) I reached out to her to see if there is something that she sees in my fertility that everyone is missing. Little did I know that I was signing myself up for a miracle. "Anupama K.Fremont, CA

  • You will be asked to fill out a detailed Ayurvedic Intake form
  • We will have a detailed consultation where your health will be looked at from all angles
  • Consultations will have both tongue and digestive analysis.
  • You will be sent a full analysis report of your health from an Ayurvedic perspective. This will include an educational component, as well as a healing plan to address your current needs.
  • You will be given a nutritional food guideline to support your unique constitution
  • Available by email follow up for 1 week after your session to answer any questions and provide support
  • Additional support will require paid coaching sessions

"Viji has many wonderful talents, and her knowledge of Ayurveda is just one of them! I went through an Ayurvedic Consultation with Viji and it was such a great learning experience."Nina S.Mountain View, CA


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