baby reaching for mom's hand

Calm Mom Calm Baby Package

Find the help and relief you need during this special time

Postpartum help designed for you

You recently had your baby and didn’t quite realize that you need some help postpartum.

This package may be right for you if:

You are having trouble with breastfeeding and would like an expert IBCLC to help you.

You are worried about your baby’s temperament, digestive, sleep or functional needs.

Moms are usually calm and happy when the baby is calm and happy. Both mom and baby can get a little bit of tender loving care.

If you are having issues with baby latching, digestive or sleep issues this package is an immediate way to address your concerns. This combines a dual approach to help the postpartum unit of both you and your baby. Bodywork for mom helps in her recovery, both physically and emotionally. Bodywork for the baby addresses these aspects as well, with a focus on challenging issues. Breastfeeding SOS will be done with an expert IBCLC.

This package will provide:

  • A comprehensive Intake
  • An In-Home Ayurvedic Oil Massage
  • A Craniosacral Therapy for your baby – 1 Session
  • Infant Massage Education
  • An expert IBCLC Lactation Consultation (Serena Meyer, IBCLC)

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