Craniosacral Therapy

To help increase mobility and release energy flow restrictions

A gentle treatment

Does your baby have trouble with breastfeeding?

Does your baby experience digestive issues? Do they suffer from constipation, gastrointestinal pain and acid reflux or colic?

Do you notice that your baby is not sleeping well? In the early days, are night and day reversed for your newborn?

Is your baby experiencing teething pain or earaches?

The mobile cranial bones shift and override as the newborn passes the birth canal. This prepares the baby to transition from the womb into the outside world. This happens so that they are able to pass their way out into the world. The journey of birth can impact key nerves that innervate the muscles in the head and neck. This can cause many problems new parents see in their babies.

The overriding of a newborn’s cranial bones usually corrects itself as the child’s head expands and reshapes after birth. If this doesn’t happen, a craniosacral therapist can easily help achieve the desired results.

"I was extremely concerned with him not pooping as much as he was supposed to. Viji put him on her lap did some cranium work, a baby massage and he pooped right then and there!"Nicole S.Boulder Creek, CA

Craniosacral Therapy for Baby

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is the most subtle yet profound of modalities that I use to help my clients. Felt as a gentle, manual treatment approach, CST works with the natural self-corrective mechanism of the body to facilitate healing. The craniosacral system is a physiological system that includes the membranes and cerebrospinal fluids that surround the brain and the spinal cord. The gentle touch, usually less than 5g of pressure, as well as time, energy and intention, helps to detect, modify and release restrictions in mobility and enhance function in the body. It appears as though the practitioner is just placing their hands on or holding the baby. Each placement, however, is very deliberate and CST works gently and gracefully to facilitate the free flow and ease in movement of all the body’s energies, fluids, membranes, muscles and fascia.

It frees the flow of the body’s energies, fluids, membranes, muscles and fascia. As a result, the client experiences enhanced function of the body.

Craniosacral therapy provides a sense of deep relaxation, yet can have other profound effects. Moms bring their newborns to a therapist to help with head shape issues, birth related trauma, hyperkinetic behavior, dyslexia, motor-control problems and developmental delays.

"She has been invaluable to myself and my little one on our journey to breastfeeding success... We found Viji through our lactation consultant. She helped me believe success was still possible and admonished me that none of what had transpired was my fault...but it was all solvable. Since starting to work with Viji we are back to exclusively breastfeeding! "Sherrie T.San Jose, CA

Most practitioners have a uni-dimensional approach. Our session will look at all angles. We will try to address the cumulative influential factors that have contributed to the current state of your baby’s behavior or physical challenges. Your first craniosacral session starts with a thoughtful and in depth intake. We will go over your pregnancy, birth and any recent behavioral observations after the birth. The postpartum period can be overwhelming. As new parents, it may not be easy to notice facets that can impact breastfeeding. Through in depth questioning, I will help to identify the root of the issues you are struggling with.

After a thorough physical and structural assessment, I will share with you my observations. I will help you to understand the contributing factors to the obstacles you are facing. I will coach you to help your child. I will perform both craniosacral therapy and massage. There is no manual manipulation of cranial bones or harsh shaking or movement. This is a gentle, subtle work that can have profound effects. I will also use essential oils if needed to help effect change. I will teach you to provide continued care for your baby. This will help extend the benefits of our session. I will also provide you with a written report of my findings and recommendations.


Learn about Simi’s experience with craniosacral therapy to help her son, Iman, to breastfeed better.

Finally, I’m happy to follow up on changes that you observe. While I have often seen immediate positive changes in baby, we should not expect it. Sometimes things have to unwind before we see our desired result. Change requires continued work, especially to maintain it. We are re-teaching your baby’s body to release tension and change compensation patterns. You can schedule additional maintenance sessions to help with this.

  • Prior to meeting, I will request that you send me some information related to specific aspects of your birth journey
  • Prior to meeting, I will request any reports that have been generated by allied healthcare professionals such as doctors and lactation consultants
  • We will have additional intake at the in person meeting
  • My goal in the in person session is to identify all the factors that are contributing to and causing the current issues your child is facing. Oftentimes, this does not begin and end with your child and is related to the parents as well.
  • I will address all contributory factors with recommendations for healing
  • I will do a structural and functional analysis of your baby
  • I will perform bodywork on your baby and also teach you how to support them at home
  • You will be sent a report of the findings, recommendations and a healing plan

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