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Labor Facilitation Package

Bodywork to help speed labor along

When labor doesn’t come

There are many many reasons why a woman doesn’t begin her labor naturally. The labor facilitation bodywork session involves an approach that addresses many of these reasons. The session begins with an in depth discussion on relevant contributing factors for not going into labor. Key aspects that influence baby position and descent through the birth canal will be described and demonstrated. Oils will be given and in home massage directions to support what has been done in the session. The bodywork session is a very specific type of massage. Its aim is to identify any inhibiting blocks in the body.

"Viji was very successfully able to work her magic with me - it was truly amazing that I went into labor 6 hours after the 2nd massage when prior to that I had not even been having any contractions at all, was not dilated, and the baby was still pretty high up. "Britten B.Palo Alto, CA

These blocks may be due to muscle tightness, emotional baggage that has been deposited into the body or even baby’s position. Non invasive, supportive energetic bodywork and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils help facilitate this process. Each oil is chosen to have a particular effect on the body and mind. This process combines identification of blocks and a vacuum cleaning effect to bring them to the surface and out of your body.

  • You will have 2 bodywork sessions
  • My goal in the 2 sessions is to help identify why you are not going into labor naturally. I have been described as a “metal detector.”
  • If it is clear that your body is just not ready, then, the bodywork will support your body when it does
  • My bodywork sessions have helped to “evacuate” your body of negative emotions or feelings that have created tightness or pain in your body. When this happens, you may feel a “release process’ of emotions or physical symptoms such as sweating, shaking, crying or feeling tired etc. This is normal and happens during energy work.
  • I use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to facilitate my work and 100% organic base oils while doing bodywork. Some oils have been specifically infused with numerous herbs that support a pregnant mother’s body. Because I do not compromise on quality, these are the purest oils you can find and are expensive.
  • You can purchase oils to take home and a routine to follow to continue to support the body
  • You will be given exercises to facilitate the best position for baby and for a smooth delivery
  • You will be sent a PDF that outlines other important factors to allow your body to go into labor naturally
  • I will follow up via email from day 1-3 to support you
  • You may also purchase any supportive items that can facilitate your labor

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