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Life is always changing. We are at the mercy of something we cannot see and may not fully understand.  To accommodate these changing times and to keep the vulnerable safe and healthy, all services have been migrated to a virtual format.

It’s hard to navigate these times, especially if you’re pregnant, but let me share a few important thoughts.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are here to support you. It is easy not to know what you need at this time or where to start. Perhaps the most important thing for one to do is to stay calm. Activation of our sympathetic nervous system invokes the stress response and a flood of hormones can change our body chemistry.

To help you achieve peace of mind, please contact us for any consultations on health issues, how to stay safe, what products to use (these are dependent upon your own specific constitution) and how to tackle any other issues that you are facing.

We can recommend natural products for immunity and strength during this time.

We can provide virtual childbirth education to help you prepare and be empowered for tackling labor. Knowledge literally is power and our support will give you the confidence and tools to tackle this potentially anxious time.

If you want a virtual birth coach or doula, we are happy to support you. We will commit to being the next best thing to being there in person.

If you are looking to understand yourself better and start taking the path towards great health, supporting your baby and creating the environment necessary to manifest an easy pregnancy, birth and postpartum, an Ayurvedic analysis can help you achieve that!

Contact us and set up an intro call to discuss all your options!


Gain a comprehensive understanding of your health and receive personalized recommendations to heal and help resolve issues that you are facing. This analysis is foundational, looks at root cause and can be utilized throughout your life.

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Birth and Postpartum

This package is designed to dispel the fear surrounding the birth process and assist, support and care for you on your journey to birth your baby. We focus on preparing and supporting you through labor utilizing the ancient medical science of Ayurveda and holistic medicine to reach your birth goals and help you give birth confidently.

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