Postpartum Bodywork

To aid healing and recovery after birth

What’s good for you is good for your baby

Many moms feel guilty to take care of themselves in the postpartum period.  While these feelings are normal, it is imperative to understand that the the growth and nutrition of the newborn baby is completely dependent upon her.  Therefore, it is important for moms to heal and be taken care of.  Even if family, friends and community are physically present, mothering the mother is a key component in postpartum recovery.

Certain physical aches and pains, common occurrences such as swelling and general muscular and emotional tension can be alleviated through targeted bodywork. According to Ayurveda, there are many factors that influence a person and their health. After giving birth, the body’s energies have been disturbed and need to settle and balance.  Full body, daily oil massage is prescribed.  This helps to alleviate even digestive complaints.  I once had a mother tell me that my entire birth support fee was worth the one session I helped her to go to the bathroom!

"After trying many things to help reduce my postpartum edema, one session with Viji completely helped to eliminate my swelling!"Nidhi S.San Jose, CA

"Viji is a vey positive person and you get the vibe as soon as you meet her. Post-natal massages both were ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating. I instantly was able to get rid of negative thoughts due to work pressure and anxiety. Viji Has abundance of Ayurvedic knowledge and provides useful tips to allow self care instead of being dependent on her. Absolutely worth every minute and I keep looking forward for more relaxing moments with her. "Babe K.Fremont, CA

When you are taken care of, you have the physical and mental strength to continue the selfless process of taking care of your baby. Remember, that after the delivery, your body is drained of strength due to blood loss and high demands to be awake and take care of your body.  It is important for the mothers body to be nourished properly.


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