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An advocate to guide you

Having a coach, a guide, a friend, and an expert all in one to guide you through your journey can be priceless. The least it will do is give you peace of mind that you are prepared for what comes ahead. I utilize my deep intuition and a unique coaching technique to get to the root cause of your challenges. Coaching sessions are phone/video meetings that help you on a specific topic or general in-depth preparation for your upcoming labor.

"These sessions ended up being my pilgrimage within to find out what truly is happening within me and how it is moulding my health and also the world around me. I was floored the moment she was able to help me connect my medical fertility issues with my mind and behavioral patterns. I was also amazed at how she helped me fix my medical diagnosis with simple behavioral modifications. It would be an understatement if I told Viji helped me think, she literally rewired the way I think and process events. She is a healer in the true sense, not only does she cure you but she also empowers you to find your own cure from within. I literally saw my self losing dress sizes simply by changing the way I think and process life. "Anupama K.Fremont, CA

"Viji has helped me more than I could have imagined. She is more than a birth coach, she is my life coach."M.Theresa C.Anaheim, CA


Prenatal coaching/classes consist of the following:

  • One hour sessions focused on providing you specific and targeted coaching related to an issue or obstacle you are facing
  • Supporting you with information to prepare for your birth and hospital experience
  • These sessions can be done via phone, video conferencing, or my home office.

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