Pregnancy Concierge Package

Unparalleled service and focus on YOU

Concierge Birth Support

This is the epitome of personalized health care customized for your unique needs. Starting from the earliest aspects of pregnancy, I’ll work with you to get you in the best physical, mental, and emotional state possible. This is a comprehensive and personalized package that takes into account your entire state of health and use Ayurvedic techniques (including yoga & bodywork) to influence the whole of your pregnancy, from now until well after labor. The goal is to give you the best birth experience possible during your birth year and prepare you for the transformational experience of motherhood.

"I started working with her, getting the concierge package, very early in my pregnancy around 7 weeks. Viji is the walking encyclopedia for births. Her knowledge of Ayurveda combined with her experience and passion for helping others sets her apart from everybody else. Viji is the kind of person who values your money and the level of service she provides is extraordinary. She gives a customized plan for every client based on their health issues and emotional state. Recorded meditations, yoga, exercises, diet everything was customized. She was there for me in every possible way... She is my google and wiki! I followed whatever she said and I didn't have any complications and had a very easy VBAC! Viji helped me emotionally, throughout the pregnancy and supported me in every possible way! I feel more confident about myself and she not only helped me but the whole family! "Pradeepthi C.Dublin, CA

Learn about Pradeepthi’s birth story and experience from choosing the concierge package.

What’s Included:

Divine Journey Concierge Birth Support

  • Available to you anytime via phone, text and email to help you feel empowered at all times (Max 30 minutes response time.)

Weekly/Bi-Monthly Check In Meetings

  • These meetings will be done via phone or video conferencing to monitor and support your progress. We can also discuss and answer questions that you have related to any aspect of pregnancy. During this time, we will also assess how your wellbeing is at that time and go over any lifestyle recommendations that you may need.

5 Prenatal Home Visits

Essential Childbirth Education

  • Pre Birth Preparation: The anatomy, physiology and emotional interplay in all stages
  • Common Occurrences: Prenatal and Postpartum experiences: What are they and what is their significance for you and your baby?
  • How to navigate your hospital birth: Hospital, doctors and/or birth care providers
  • Baby Growth: How you can influence your baby’s growth and development during your pregnancy
  • Interventions related to labor: What, When, How and Why
  • How to have the birth you want: Medically or unmedicated support
  • Labor Management: Navigating and progressing your own labor
  • Why Baby Positioning is Critical: How it influences your birth & what you can do to influence it
  • Delivery: Tools and tips to help you deliver your baby
  • Postpartum Planning: Post birth events for baby, how to avoid postpartum bleeding and depression, preparing your home and self for what comes afterwards
  • Breastfeeding: Step by step guide to be successful in and avoid common complications

Delivery Related Decision Making

  • Optimizing your birth team: Finding the right provider
  • Optimizing your birth environment: Choosing the right hospital
  • Exploring various delivering positions for birth

Pregnancy Coaching

  • Identifying roadblocks
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety
  • Problem-solving stress issues
  • Troubleshooting bothersome postpartum events

Ayurvedic Prenatal Yoga Guide

Labor & Delivery Support

  • Birth room strategic analyst and advocate
  • Birth room translator and mentor
  • Physical, emotional and informational support
  • Specialized bodywork for labor progression, baby positioning and pain relief

Placenta Encapsulation

Baby Journey

  • Birth Photography
  • Framed Letter to baby
  • Birth Story

3 Postpartum Home Visit & Troubleshooting

  • Addressing your healing
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby’s digestive issues
  • Soothing

Tools For Labor Pain Relief

  • TENS Machine
  • Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils
  • Positioning and other recommendations

On Call Period

  • 3 weeks before and after EDD
  • Contact via text message

Ayurvedic Health Assessment

  • A holistic health analysis & plan to elevate you to an optimal state of health through the duration of your pregnancy
  • Custom healing strategy & plan for current and/or past ailments related to pregnancy
  • Bi-Monthly check-ins via private, secure videoconferencing to monitor and support progress

Divine Journey Wellness Guide

  • A step by step month/trimester guide to taking care of yourself and the baby

Ayurvedic Home Remedy Recommendations

  • Essential Oil Therapy
  • Natural Therapeutic Remedies

Prenatal Bodywork (3 sessions)

  • Sessions are a combination of Ayurvedic massage, energy work and craniosacral therapy

Custom Ayurvedic Nutrition Plan
Interactive Ayurvedic Yoga & Meditation Sessions

  • 3 In-person Sessions
  • Personalized Meditation developed and recorded for you

40 Days Postpartum Health Plan

  • Detailed recovery plan
  • Self-care bodywork plan
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Breastfeeding
  • Diapering

Postpartum Bodywork Sessions

  • Bodywork (2 in-person sessions)

Craniosacral Session For The Baby


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