Prenatal Bodywork

Support your body, mind and baby

Touch from a holistic point of view

Bodywork and massage is one of the most effective ways to nourish, care for and support your body through pregnancy. As the body grows to prepare for the birth of your baby, many changes occur.  These physical and chemical changes are accompanied by typical pregnancy related complaints.

"Beyond her caring and nurturing nature, Viji has a gift for Ayurvedic massage and treatment, as well as a strong intuition to provide support exactly where you need it most. She gave the most amazing massage, which not only helped induce labor, but more importantly helped me relax and let go of many of my concerns regarding the birth."Dana SSan Mateo, CA

Each individualized therapeutic session aims to address any of these complaints that you may encounter.  The work is holistic – enhancing muscle and joint function, improve circulation and relieve mental and physical tension as well as fatigue. Custom sessions address your specific concerns and needs and targeted body techniques help your body to heal, release tension patterns and integrate healing and growth.

Divine Journey bodywork sessions are a type of massage called Abhyanga. This is the external application of therapeutic and rejuvenating natural oils with movements that respect the physiological movements of the basic energies in our body (known as the doshas). Abhyanga is useful in maintaining immunity, nourishing various tissues of the body and cleansing impurities. It is also useful for stiffness, fatigue, constipation, dry skin, diseases of the nervous system, tremors, misalignment, osteoarthritis, improves lymphatic and cardiac circulation. Abyhanga relaxes the mind and promotes inner tranquility. It impacts the entire person by addressing our skin, the 7 level organ that can impact a person on many levels.

During your session, numerous 100% therapeutic grade, top quality essential oils in addition to Ayurvedic oils that are specially made and infused with supportive herbs, will be used. All materials are safe to use during pregnancy.

This bodywork can also activate and work to help eliminate emotional blocks.  After several, but even after one, many clients have shared that they have had profound experiences and revelations that have both changed and helped them in their pregnancy and birth.

"When I experienced pelvic pain about 6.5 months in, one bodywork session with Viji cleared up the pain for the rest of my pregnancy."Elaine U.Palo Alto, CA


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