Relief of Swelling & Breast Engorgement

Reduce swelling, acute pain and discomfort, and facilitate proper milk flow

Specialized bodywork for relief

You have just delivered your beautiful newborn. Do you have swelling that hasn’t reduced in your extremities?

Has your milk come in and your breasts have become bigger, tender and hard?

Do you think you have clogged ducts and it’s difficult to even express your milk?

This package is a very specialized type of bodywork which focuses on acute swelling in the postpartum period. This may occur due to the additional storage of fluid and blood during pregnancy that has been retained and not lost after delivery.

In addition to reducing swelling, massage during this time has the benefits of hormone regulation, better sleep and improved breastfeeding. Utilizing Ayurvedic principles and TCM, as well as fomentation therapy and massage, the aim is to minimize acute pain and discomfort, reduce swelling and facilitate proper milk flow.

"Viji solved my postpartum breast engorgement and pain issues. She gets my highest recommendation. Her kindness and caring are matched by her knowledge and skill. Although I am a physician trained in western medicine, I absolutely recommend her services. Even if you are satisfied with your other care providers; she offers individualized and holistic care that can greatly benefit anyone."Roberta W.San Jose, CA



  • Perform a comprehensive Intake Including Pre-birth, Birth And Postpartum Periods
  • Provide relevant topical Ayurvedic treatments
  • Suggest Essential Oil Remedies
  • Perform Bodywork
  • Perform Fomentation Therapy if needed
  • Provide Nutritional Guidance & Recommendations
  • Provide a written report With ongoing recommendations

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