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Common Sense Tips to Keep Safe and Healthy During Pregnancy

  • Wash hands often and well
  • Dryness in the body is not good. Since we are washing often, make sure to lubricate internally and externally. Ayurveda has prescriptions for lifestyle and food recommendations to support you.
  • Become aware of and minimize touching your face
  • Wipe all surfaces with disinfectant (Being pregnant, we are limited and advised to utilize non-toxic agents. Here is a easy recipe to make on your own: Combine ½ cup warm water, ½ white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice or lemon essential oil into a spray bottle. Add 15 drops of tea tree oil. You can add other essential oils to modify the scent if you like. Put on the lid and shake well to combine all of the ingredients.)
  • Do not go to crowded areas
  • Do not go to the hospital, especially the ER unless it is an emergency
  • Drink lots of water, warm is best
  • Pay attention to your digestive system as this is the root of your immunity An Ayurvedic Consultation will help you to understand what this means for you. Each person has their own unique constitution and have foods that are good or bad for them depending on their body environment
  • Take time each day to practice gratitude
  • Take time each day for a breathing and/or meditation practice (Download the free meditations I have on this site!)
  • Rest and sleep well
  • Talk to others to process your emotions; do not keep them inside. Utilize a professional to coach you through your experience.
  • Hire a virtual birth coach to support you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum! (Check out our virtual services)


Homebirth Midwives

Looking for out of hospital births? These are excellent midwives ready to support you!



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Grounding Meditation to Reduce Fear and Anxiety

In the world, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. Whenever we don't know what will happen or how long it will last, it is easy for anxiety to creep in. Unfortunately, this is counter productive for good health. Fear will weaken the immune system. It is very important to strengthen our mind so our physical bodies can also be supported. Utilize this Grounding Meditation as one tool in your arsenal!

Divine Journey

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