Do It Yourself

Empower yourself to have the best and healthiest pregnancy! These resources are hand made and hand picked to help you!

Do It Yourself Kits

Prenatal Kit


This prenatal kit is specifically crafted to support a mom during the prenatal period. This is the time that defines your baby's growth on every level. You have the opportunity to positively influence it and the items in this kit are meant to help you.

Labor Kit


The Labor Ready Kit was designed specifically to focus on preparing your body for that time, troubleshoot any delaying influences, support your body during labor as well as items to use to nurture the baby after birth.

Postpartum Kit


The Postpartum Preparation Kit was designed to support a mom in the period immediately after she has given birth to her beautiful baby. This period will have an obvious impact on your baby, so it is important to care for yourself.

Meditations and Self Practices

Morning Meditation


The Morning Meditation is an mp3 audio of a guided meditation practice that helps to relax the whole body, release stress and bring increased mind/body awareness. This meditation uses the combination of active relaxation with vibrational vocalization to connect both the mind and body for deep serenity.

Healing Sound Meditation


The healing sound meditation is an mp3 audio of a meditative process that includes generating resonance throughout the body by repeating certain sounds. This practice is important during pregnancy because those who have used this practice have healed themselves of pregnancy complications.

Daily Breathing Exercise


The Daily Breathing Exercise is an audio mp3 that you guides you through a breathing practice. It is the practice of the Ujjayi breathing technique and helps to balance the energies in the body as well as prepare you for labor. The practice calms the mind and helps deal with the stress and pain of labor and life!

Ayurvedic Daily Routine


This audio mp3 guide takes you step by step through the ancient practice of the Ayurvedic daily routine. These time tested traditions help to incorporate consistency and balance of the various energies at play during pregnancy and delivery.

Ayurvedic Self Massage


This mp3 audio walks you through a daily self massage routine. Nurturing oil massage helps to balance the energetic forces in the body that influence and are responsible for giving birth. This practice is essential for a healthy body, mind and a faster recovery postpartum.

Guided Yoga Routine


This mp3 guided audio allows you to learn supportive yoga asanas that will help you during pregnancy and practice at home! While establishing strength and flexibility, you can help to reduce stress and tension in the mind; supporting you during the prenatal period as well as during labor.


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