Empower yourself to have the best and healthiest pregnancy!  These resources are hand made and hand picked to help you!

Do It Yourself Kits

Prenatal Kit


This prenatal kit is specifically crafted to support a mom during the prenatal period. This is the time that defines your baby's growth on every level.  You have the opportunity to positively influence it and the items in this kit are meant to help you.

Anti Nausea Kit


The Nausea Remedy kit is meant to provide various resources in order to combat nausea during pregnancy. The kit uses the principles in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help offer relief during this difficult time.

Labor Kit


The Labor Ready Kit was designed specifically to focus on preparing your body for that time, trouble shoot any delaying influences, support your body during labor as well as items to use to nurture the baby after birth.

Postpartum Kit


The Postpartum Preparation Kit was designed to support a mom in the period immediately after she has given birth to her beautiful baby. This period will have an obvious impact on your baby, so it is important to care for yourself.

Breastfeeding Kit


The Breastfeeding Kit was designed to focus on helping you on your breastfeeding journey. Having information on what to expect, as well as the items that you can use and that will help to prepare for that time, will be useful.

Educational Courses

Childbirth Basics


When you know what to expect, the fear and anxiety you feel will reduce. This video course has been designed to be a comprehensive educational experience going over childbirth.  It is based on helping hundreds of women over the years and highlights the important information that you should know during each stage.

Ayurveda Basics


Ayurveda is an ancient medical science that literally translates to the knowledge of life. With careful study and understanding, one can change their entire life and their health just by following the simple principles in Ayurveda. You will learn the fundamentals and learn to use natural ways, simple, life style changes that will alter the very functioning of your body!

Breastfeeding SOS


Breastfeeding is by far one of the most important aspects of motherhood, yet it is also known as one of the most challenging. This video course was developed to equip you to understand behavior, troubleshoot common problems, guidelines and tips to help ease common breastfeeding pitfalls.

Pregnancy 101 for Dads


When fear of the unknown is eliminated and your questions are addressed, you can be free to be there both physically and emotionally for your partner. This video course is designed to support a dad during the journey to parenthood and provide him detailed information on how to support his partner.

Meditations and Self Practices

Morning Meditation


The Morning Meditation is an mp3 audio of a guided meditation practice that helps to relax the whole body, release stress and bring increased mind/body awareness. This meditation uses the combination of active relaxation with vibrational vocalization to connect both the mind and body for deep serenity.

Healing Sound Meditation


The healing sound meditation is an mp3 audio of a meditative process that includes generating resonance throughout the body by repeating certain sounds. This practice is important during pregnancy because those who have used this practice have healed themselves of pregnancy complications.

Daily Breathing Exercise


The Daily Breathing Exercise is an audio mp3 that you guides you through a breathing practice. It is the practice of the Ujjayi breathing technique and helps to balance the energies in the body as well as prepare you for labor. The practice calms the mind and helps deal with the stress and pain of labor and life!

Ayurvedic Daily Routine


This audio mp3 guide takes you step by step through the ancient practice of the Ayurvedic daily routine. These time tested traditions help to incorporate consistency and balance of the various energies at play during pregnancy and delivery.

Ayurvedic Self Massage


This mp3 audio walks you through a daily self massage routine. Nurturing oil massage helps to balance the energetic forces in the body that influence and are responsible for giving birth. This practice is essential for a healthy body, mind and a faster recovery postpartum.

Guided Yoga Routine


This mp3 guided audio allows you to learn supportive yoga asanas that will help you during pregnancy and practice at home! While establishing strength and flexibility, you can help to reduce stress and tension in the mind; supporting you during the prenatal period as well as during labor.

Helpful Items for Your Pregnancy and Postpartum

Little Something for Mama


A Little Something for Mama-To-Be is a package full of pampering and a perfect natural gift to help ease those common occurances that go along with pregnancy!

New Mama Bottom Spray


New Mama Bottom Spray is a cooling, soothing perineal mist that helps ease discomfort of postpartum vaginal soreness and swelling, episiotomies and hemorrhoids.

Baby Bottom Balm


Angel Baby Bottom Balm is a safe, effective, herbal diaper cream that safely battles existing diaper rash and protects against flare ups. Certified by Oregon Tilth, it's the only ointment made with Earth Mama's proprietary blend of naturally antibacterial and antifungal organic herbs, Shea butter and pure essential oils, soothing to thrush, itchy bug bites, scrapes, chicken pox, minor rashes, and burns. From diaper bag to your family's first aid kit, Angel Baby Bottom Balm is a one-jar wonder.

Natural Nipple Butter


Clinically tested, hospital recommended, Natural Nipple Butter is a safe, zero toxin calendula nipple cream for nursing mamas, and anyone with dry, cracked skin.

C Mama Healing Salve


The C Mama Healing Salve is formulated especially for cesarean section and other surgical wounds, old c-section scars and stretch marks, and inflamed rashes and burns.

Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender oil is one of the most versatile and important oils you can use during pregnancy and beyond.

On Guard Oil Blend


OnGuard will be your go to oil when you feel run down, feeling unwell, cough, night sweats, runny nose, or other seasonal threats.

Breathe Essential Oil


doTERRA Breathe maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats.

Peppermint Essential Oil


dōTERRA Peppermint essential oil is great for nausea during pregnancy, if you experience heartburn and can be used to uplift mood and increase energy.

Deep Blue Oil Blend Rub


doTERRA Deep Blue Rub blend of oils helps soothe sore and tired muscles and provides relief from pain.

Past Tense Oil Blend


PastTense is a distinctive blend of essential oils known for their soothing effects on both the mind and body and especially effective for headaches.

Organic Coconut Oil


Soothing, cooling, and easily absorbed, it is an excellent massage oil for pitta or for any time you feel the need to cool down and hydrate your body.

Organic Ashwagandha Bala Oil


This vata pacifying oil can be used to nourish and strengthen the muscles. This is very helpful and important for moms after giving birth.

Organic Vata Pacifying Oil


This rejuvenating oil is a synergistic blend of nine herbs and issued to nourish and ground vata, supporting vitality and vigor.

Organic Pitta Pacifying Oil


This aromatic oil is a cooling blend of nine organic herbs that are traditionally used in Ayurveda to address pitta by removing excess heat while relaxing the tension associated with pitta.

Organic Unrefined Sesame Oil


This grounding and calming base oil can be used as a protective and nourishing daily massage oil to a cleansing face wash. It is soothing and nourishing.

Happy Day Tincture 2oz


This is a formula used to help people dealing with any kind of depression (pregnancy depression, Postpartum Depression, Seasonal  Affective Disorder), sorrow or sadness.

Good Night Combo 2oz


This is an herbal tincture used to help one fall asleep and stay asleep. It is helpful for quieting mental chatter and helps to promote sleep, without any morning grogginess.

Poke Root 1oz


This herb is specific for mastitis (breast infection) or threatened mastitis. It usually works in 1-2 days and is extremely quick and effective - eliminating the need for antibiotics in almost every case.

Goat’s Rue 4oz


Goat's Rue is a powerful herb for stimulating the production and flow of breastmilk. It works directly with the mammary glands, and is a great choice for women experiencing problems with low milk production.

Nursing Tincture 2oz


Nursing Tincture is a highly nutritive and effective herbal combination used to increase and enrich breastmilk production.

Blessed Thistle 2oz


Blessed Thistle is a "bitter" herb that helps to increase breastmilk production. This herb tends to work for women who don't get the expected results with Fenugreek.

Iron Tonic 2oz


This is a combination of herbs noted for their high iron content and for their success in increasing iron levels in the blood.

Itch Relief Tincture 4oz


This combination has proven helpful for clients experiencing skin itching (sometimes severe) during pregnancy (PUPPS or Cholestasis for example).

Labor Tincture


Labor Tincture contains herbs to help initiate labor, to re-start a stalled labor, to detach a retained placenta, to stop postpartum bleeding and to help with an incomplete miscarriage.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea


Red Raspberry Leaf is the best preparatory herb for pregnancy, as it is so effective in toning, strengthening and bringing over-all health and vitality to the uterus.

Nursing Tea


Nursing Tea is a highly nutritive and effective herbal combination used to increase and enrich breastmilk production.

Postpartum Sitz Bath


This is an herbal combination used to help soothe and heal the perineal area after birth, helps keep swelling to a minimum (frozen pad method), helps the speed the healing process, and helps to fight infection.

Pretty Pushers Black Gown


Black, simple, comfortable and sexy! Feel pretty, healthy and happy when you are in labor and delivery your baby!

Pretty Pushers Lavender Gray Transition Gown


Three gowns in one - It is reusable and transitions as you do through pregnancy, labor and post-delivery.

Pretty Pushers Sushi Gown


The blue and pink sushi gown.  Feel pretty, healthy and happy when you are in labor and delivery your baby!

Pretty Pushers Coffee Brown Gown


The fun, coffee brown gown.  Feel pretty, healthy and happy when you are in labor and delivery your baby!


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