Tending to Your Garden

How Ayurveda Can Support A Thriving Pregnancy

See yourself as the gardener of the fertile soil within. Caring for your health is the most crucial focus you can have to support your pregnancy and birth. We have the power to give birth to and rebirth ourselves every day. In this way, we have the opportunity to address our health and create the health of our baby. Therefore, see birth as the journey of a lifetime and health as a supportive continuum. Ayurveda is a medical science from India that understands that disease and ill health doesn’t happen overnight; it is created over time and manifests under the ripe set of circumstances and environment that supports it. Using Ayurveda during pregnancy will help you address complaints and prevent future ones! If you are ready to support your health, pregnancy, and life journey by going deeper into your own being naturally, this book provides the fundamentals that will help you to create joy, health, and ease to achieve all your goals!


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