Trust Your Gut


Ok…the truth is….birth is normal!!! Yes, it hurts or can hurt like hell…but, can you do it? Absolutely!  Is it safe?  Yes, it’s absolutely normal and women have been doing it since the beginning of time.  What’s the point of this post? It’s to urge you, to support you, and to champion you to trust your gut.  Now, I believe that we are born with a very instinctive compass that helps us to navigate scary and unknown situations.

We may not have all the knowledge needed to make a decision, but sometimes decisions need more than “facts.”

Why do I say this?  I recently spoke to a woman who called me for some coaching.  Her baby is breech at week 36 and 3 days.  Her doctor told her that she needed to schedule a c-section at week 39 and that there is no other option.  Now, is that true?  No!  There is always an option. But, here’s the other thing:  Her doctor also told her for the first three months that there was no baby in her belly…Yes, that is right!  No baby in her stomach! But, she knew…she felt that there WAS a baby there and that she should go against the continued prompting from the medical staff that she should have a clean out of her uterus!  Now, at almost 37 weeks, her baby is alive and well.  Well.  Healthy.  And Alive! There are many options that she has and that is the focus of yet another blog post, but the take away here is that she should trust her gut and explore the options she feels best suits the needs of her baby and her!


Here are some of the stories of other mothers…


Mallory’s doctor told her that there was no way that she would go into labor on her own.

At her 39th week check up, she was 0cm dilated, 0% effaced and baby was high.  Not happening, he said.  She came to me for a labor facilitation massage and guess what? The next day, she went into labor.  She left my home, texted me in the afternoon that she was in labor and had the baby by 5pm!  Trust your gut.


Patricia was told by EVERY doctor that she had seen that because she had cholestasis in her first pregnancy that she was bound to have it in her second.

In fact, 98% they said.  Later in her pregnancy, while having to be on progesterone…they pretty much said it’s a done deal.  You see, the use of progesterone also increases the chances of a mom having cholestasis.  With the best of efforts, she sought out someone, anyone that could tell her that there may be the slightest chance she could avoid recurrence and subsequently early induction at week 37.  She went with her gut, followed the Ayurvedic practices I asked her to do and guess what?  No cholestasis!


Rachel was told there was no way should have a vaginal birth and that the baby was too big.

She was urged to schedule a c-section and was instilled with fear about the birthing process.  A lot of women worry about tearing and everything about labor, normally, but even more with the fear of a big baby!  She felt in her gut that she should at least try for a vaginal birth.  I urged her to trust her gut and that ultrasounds are rarely correct about the size of your baby.  Baby was born healthy at 7lbs 6oz and without surgery!

The greatest resource you have is your gut.  Trust it.

These stories are literally the tip of the iceberg.  There is a need for women to feel and be empowered to trust themselves more.  When families come to me, I approach them on a multi-dimensional level.  In so doing, every problem has numerous approaches to help solve it.  Often times, I know that women have a gut instinct about their body and their baby.  I always ask them what they think and most of the time, they are correct. Unfortunately, because they have been told that they are wrong….women second guess themselves.  The greatest resource you have is your gut.  Trust it.

About the author

Viji Natarajan B.S., C.A.S.As a trained and Certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and a Certified Yoga Teacher, I am committed to helping my clients understand themselves on a deeper level. These two ancient, time honored traditions help us to live healthier, happier and more balanced lives.

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