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Divine Journey empowers moms to give birth more confidently, happily and naturally by preparing them for birth and blending traditional Ayurvedic medicine techniques with childbirth education.

Hesitant about hiring a birth coach or not sure what to expect? Read the birth stories of moms we’ve worked with to learn about their experience with Divine Journey.

Divine Journey Has Helped Mothers

  • Who had no idea what to expect, were afraid of pain, and/or had medical complications, to have short, successful vaginal births
  • With painful and unwanted interventions during their first birth go on to achieve their goal of a natural, unmedicated birth, with few or no complications
  • Stuck in labor for days troubleshoot what is going on and deliver within hours
  • Heal themselves from conditions that were not addressed successfully by Western medicine

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The Importance of Breath During Pregnancy

Your breath is the single most important thing in your life.  Why?  It keeps you alive!  Our breath is the movement of air in and out of us – inhalation and exhalation.  

Trust Your Gut

Ok...the truth is….birth is normal!!! Yes, it hurts or can hurt like hell...but, can you do it? Absolutely! Is it safe? Yes, it's absolutely normal and women have been doing it since the beginning of time. What’s the point of this post? It’s to urge you, to support you, and to champion you to trust your gut.

What Past Clients Are Saying

We are proud to say, without Viji, my wife may not have experienced her perfect birth story - pushing naturally for 4 hours and without any pain medication. While my wife performed like a super star, Viji was the coach behind it all! In Viji, not only did we hire the best Doula, we found a life time friend!

Anaheim, CA

The placenta pills significantly helped with my energy level, milk production and baby blues. All things I had issues with after my first baby.

Los Gatos, CA

I can't imagine delivery of our second daughter without Viji's support and care! This was my second pregnancy and I decided to go for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section) Needless to say my first delivery was C section and I did not want go through surgery again!! My husband was supportive of my decision. We didn't even know the meaning of a Doula, but we heard such good reviews about her that even before we met her, we had decided to take her support! We instantly got connected during our first really did feel like meeting a long lost friend. She has that charisma and warmth! After that I always looked forward to meet her. She constantly kept in touch via emails and she used to clarify all the questions I had (I usually had lot of questions :)) since it was only my husband with me during delivery...having her with us like a family member was such a relief for both me and my husband!! She was up all through the night with us encouraging and supporting. Thanks to her, it was a successful VBAC. I had some concerns with breastfeeding and Viji came immediately to help!

Santa Clara, CA

I absolutely recommend Viji for placenta encapsulation. This is my second pregnancy and it totally made a difference in recovery, milk production and hormone balance. Viji is very experienced, warm and knowledgeable in this specialty. I received the pills within 24 hours and milk came the day after with amounts for two babies. I felt energetic and positive, which was totally different from my first pregnancy experience.

Fremont, CA

Viji is a vey positive person and you get the vibe as soon as you meet her. Post-natal massages both were ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating. I instantly was able to get rid of negative thoughts due to work pressure and anxiety. Viji Has abundance of Ayurvedic knowledge and provides useful tips to allow self care instead of being dependent on her. Absolutely worth every minute and I keep looking forward for more relaxing moments with her.

Fremont, CA

Viji is the walking encyclopedia for births. Her knowledge of Ayurveda combined with her experience and passion for helping others sets her apart from everybody else. Viji is the kind of person who values your money and the level of service she provides is extraordinary. She gives a customized plan for every client based on their health issues and emotional state.

Dublin, CA

A Creation of The Heart

Welcome to my greatest passion – helping and supporting mothers during their birth journey. After 15 years of working as a Research Scientist in Drug Discovery (Medicinal Chemistry) at Pfizer, Inc, I decided to embrace my deepest calling. I draw on my extensive knowledge and familiarity in health and medical sciences to bring human compassion to modern care.

As an Ayurvedic Doctor / Certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Massage Therapist, I am committed to helping my clients understand themselves on a deeper level by using these ancient, time honored traditions that help us to live healthier, happier and more balanced lives.

When I help moms, I try to connect the dots that go unnoticed. The ones that tell a story of what could happen if not recognized and corrected.

My job is to help prevent anything negative from happening and to increase the chances of a positive and healthy pregnancy. By keeping an eagle eye on and staying on track with, simple and important practices during pregnancy, you can avoid many of the big problems that come your way. The best part is that you will never know whether you would have suffered from any of the serious ailments.

My work focuses on supporting you and your child through your pregnancy by helping you to create a very specific and supportive environment in your body. This environment helps your baby grow healthy, thrive and flourish. My aim is to give you and your baby the best possible foundation for life and health.

Warmest regards,

Viji Natarajan, Ayurvedic Doctor (NAMA)



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